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Social Responsibility Committee

October 28, 2008 Meeting Notes

Present:           Susan Fox (chair), Terry Boychuk, Emma Kaplan, Julia Smith, Keren Yohannes, Ruth Janisch Lake, Brian Lindeman, David Wheaton and Laurie Hamre

Absent:            Lloyd Cledwyn, David Ranheim

Guests:            Kathy Johnson, Suzanne Savanick Hansen, Nicole Kligerman, Hannah Rivenburgh

Note:               The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 3:00 p.m. in Campus Center 215

We first talked about the two issues we had worked on last year and got an update on their status.

First, the Designated Suppliers program:  President Rosenberg sent a letter to the Workers’ Rights Consortium expressing our interest in the Designated Suppliers Program.  Kathy Johnson has been named as our representative to the DSP working group, which is trying to hammer out the details of the program.  She reported to us that she’s been receiving communications from the WRC and DSP working group, and that they may meet in November.  She’s been recruiting ACTC schools to join the group, and reviewing Highlander Suppliers.

Next we talked about actions on the Darfur Divestment issue.  David Wheaton reported that Macalester has checked its individual holdings to be sure they do not include any problematic corporations, and sent a letter, similar to the one drafted by the SRC last spring, to the managers of our investment funds expressing out concern about suspect corporations and our support for a “Darfur-free” fund.   The issue was presented to the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees at the May meeting, and was received positively.

Next, Kathy Johnson, Suzanne Hansen and students Hannah Rivenburgh and Nicole Kligerman presented a proposal for an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy for Macalester.  After some discussion, we agreed to read the draft policy carefully and will discuss it at the next meeting in November.

Lastly, we talked about some other issues that might be of interest:

·  Increasing the visibility of the committee
·  An issue of “endowment transparency”
·  The ILO report on Coca Cola in Columbia
·  Further actions, if any, on Darfur Divestment

We agreed that any further action on Darfur Divestment would need to take the form of a new proposal, as we had fully addressed the proposal submitted last year.


Agenda Items for November 25 Meeting

·  Review and discuss the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPPP)
·  Hear from David Wheaton about the issues of “endowment transparency”
·  Discuss ideas about increasing the visibility of the committee
·  Discuss what, if any, action SRC should take in response to the ILO report and whether we need a proposal brought to us on that issue.

Before the next meeting, please take the time to read the EPPP draft policy carefully, and write down questions or comments for our discussion.  Read the ILO report on Coca Cola.  Also, send me any ideas about increasing the committee’s visibility.

See you in November!

Susan Fox, Chair

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