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April 6, 2010 Meeting Notes

Present: Lloyd Cledwyn, Anna Faber, Kiarina Kordela, Brian Lindeman, David Ranheim, David Wheaton and Laurie Hamre
Observer: Mary... from Mac Weekly

Update from December sustainable investing meeting with students (David Wheaton). 
David, Craig Aase (Investment Office), and Alana Hedlund (Investments Office) met with group of 5 or 6 students in December 2009 to discuss sustainability, Israeli-Palestinian issues and how investment decisions are made.  No proposals or further actions have yet come back to SRC.

Laurie reminded the committee that April 2009 SRC minutes include information about endowment transparency. 

It was agreed that Lloyd would contact SUPER (pro-Palestinian) student group to make sure they know the protocol for presenting information to SRC.  This is so that SUPER has enough time to present info this academic year if they desire to do so.

Review of Apparel Code of Conduct
Laurie distributed Macalester College Apparel Purchasing Code of Conduct from 2000. 

Russell athletic gear had many infractions with Workers Rights Consortium, some in Honduras and some in USA.  Macalester ceased purchasing items from Russell.  Later, in December 2009, WRC sent letter to Macalester informing us that Russsell has made changes and is now okay.

Macalester has new purchasing contract with Under Armour, based on their WRC report and their company values.

David will ask Kathy Johnson for a report on the execution of Apparel Code of Conduct.

Bottled Water Update
We had a request from a student in fall 2009 regarding College bottle water purchasing policy.  A subcommittee of SRC met to further discuss the issue.  Laurie asked Highlander and Purchasing for information about the bottled water purchasing record.  A student employee in Purchasing is preparing a report for Kathy Johnson.

The student who has been leading the bottle water issue at Macalester is graduating May 2010.  The committee felt that we should receive the report from Purchasing student employee and determine then if recommendations should be made to the campus community and/or the President.

Resource Planning Committee (RPC) has requested a report from SRC.  Lloyd is planning to send them a summary of issues we are working on.  Most of those issues have been discussed today.


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