Social Responsibility Committee
April 21, 2011 Meeting Notes


Members:        Terry Boychuk, Lloyd Cledwyn, Anna Faber, Kiarina Kordela, Brian Lindeman,                           Joanne Rhoades, Keren Yohannes, David Wheaton and Laurie Hamre. 



1.   The recommendations of the bottled water policy review subcommittee (listed below) were    accepted.  Terry will forward to President Rosenberg for a decision.

      The bottled water free subcommittee consisted of Lea Barron, Terry Boychuk, Brianna           Besch, Cindy Haarstad, Suzanne Hansen, Kathy Johnson, Clare Pillsbury, Doug Rosenberg,        Curt Stainbrook, David Ramlow, David Wheaton and Laurie Hamre.

Recommendations of the subcommittee:

1.   As of September 1, eliminate the sale of plain, bottled water at the Highlander, Grille,             athletic concessions and through catering and on-campus vending options.  Provide jug      container water in several college buildings to make easily accessible drinking water    available.

2.   The College will continue to make renovations to the Physical Plant that will make tap water more accessible in each campus building.

3.   Large events such as commencement, alumni reunion and orientation will provide small jug     water stations.

4.   Alternate healthy drinks will be offered in meal pack-outs and campus vending machines.

5.   Institutional funds will not be used to purchase plain, individual container bottled water.

6.   The Sustainability Office and student organizations will continue to provide education            related to the environmental, economic and social costs of plastic bottled water products.

Terry will let the SRC members know what he hears from President Rosenberg.

 Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.