Macalester College
Social Responsibility Committee
October 5, 2011 Meeting


Meeting Notes

Present: Terry Boychuk (chair), Lloyd Cledwyn, Daylanne English, Anna Faber, Laurie Hamre, Brian Lindeman, Doriyush Ubaydi and David Wheaton.  Absent:  Joanne Rhoades

Daylanne and Doriyush were welcomed to the Committee - the committee charge and procedures were reviewed.

The bottled water policy, effective September 1, 2011, has not generated much discussion and it appears campus community members are following the guidelines.  MacCares and students working on sustainability will provide continuing education around the social justice and economic components.

The Committee reviewed a letter submitted by Lee Olson, Psychology Department Coordinator.  Lee voiced concern with Bon Appetit’s policy forbidding the donating of food leftover from College events.  David Ramlow, BA district manager, will be asked to respond to the concern and also have a presence at the November SRC meeting. The question was also raised about the policies of other Mac events caterers.

Terry provided copies of a letter from some faculty/staff requesting non-renewal of the Veolia contract. Veolia is the current trash collection company. Macalester is a part of an ACTC-Veolia joint contract
That is currently being considered for renewal.  The group’s concerns are:
Alleges Veolia is engaged in the expansion of illegal and internationally condemned Israeli settlement in Palestinian lands.  Veolia is also charged with taking Israel waste and dumping illegally in Palestine.

Alleges Veolia is unwillingness to handle green waste.
States it is a French multinational corporation and not a local business.

Terry will provide Eric Davis with information on SRC’s procedures. David will check on details of the Veolia contract.  This will be added to the November 9th meeting agenda.

Meeting was adjourned.