Macalester College
Social Responsibility Committee
February 20, 2012 Meeting


Meeting Notes

Present: Terry Boychuk (chair), Lloyd Cledwyn, Daylanne English, Brian Lindeman, Leah Plummer,
David Wheaton and Laurie Hamre
Absent:   Doriyush Ubaydi


A staff person is needed to fill out the term of Joanne Rhoades.  Joanne has left the College.  Terry will contact SAC suggesting Paul Schadewald serve the interim period. Two replacements will be needed next fall as the seats of Lloyd C.  and Joanne R. will be vacant.

Bon Appetit was asked to check on the pertinent Good Samaritan law about donated unused food. Kimberly Driesch reported the laws do not cover corporations. Bon Appetit is however, entering into an agreement for donating unused food with the Dorothy Day Center.

Terry contacted Mark Dickinson for an update on the Veolia contract negotiations. No response from Mark - this will on the agenda of the March meeting.

Following up on the November meeting, Terry talked with Josie Ahrens and Leewana Thomas about their request the College divest investments in HEI Hotel Management Company and that college personnel boycott HEI properties. Terry had a student employee check on the alleged violations of HEI and the possibility of building a website that would provide the names of socially responsible corporations with
“union friendly” and human rights policies.

Several colleges and universities have divested funds from HEI, given allegations of wrong doing.  Few allegations of wrong doing turn into findings of culpability because most often parties agree to a  settlement instead.

There is a recommended group of “union friendly” hotels and Terry asked Leewanda and Josie to research the criteria for entry on to the list.

Members of the student group, Adalante, will provide a presentation at the March meeting on the Dream
Act. Their will request institutional support for the Dream Act and open the conversation about admission of undocumented students.

Leah announced there is a group researching socially responsible food businesses.