Macalester College
Social Responsibility Committee
30 October 2012

Meeting Notes

Present:  Terry Bouchuk (chair), Daylanne English, Anna Faber, Laurie Hamre, Ruth Janisch-Lake, Brian Lindeman, Paul Schadewld and Vincent Sieerink.

Guests:  Miranda Adams, Alex Bartiromo, Sarah Knispel, Luke Mielke, Hannah Siegal and Leewana Thomas (all EJTF-MPIRG members).

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Terry Boychuk.

EJTF-MPIRG representative Leewana Thomas reported that she had contacted UNITE HERE to inquire into criteria for distinguishing boycotted hotels from recommended hotels. UNITE HERE claims the boycotted list includes those hotels in which two-thirds of the workers have voted in favor of a public boycott at their place of employment.

EJTF-MPIRG representatives expressed willingness to support institutional efforts to raise awareness among Mac faculty, staff and students of the labor dispute; refer members of the College to the UNITE HERE website to learn more about the union’s perspective on the issue and; to consult the UNITE HERE hotel guide in furtherance of planning their hotel stays, if, in their personal judgment, they support UNITE HERE’s efforts to unionize hotel workers.

The committee questioned¬† (again) the feasibility of using a preferred vendor list instead of a “bad” list;
the labor union system, automatic trust of the system and how it pertains in this case; and why no other schools have an ethical travel policy resulting from this case.

The student group reported they would continue to work with campus departments that have heavy travel schedules such as athletics.

It was reported that the student travel fund would have a recommendation that student orgs refer to the UNITE HERE website when making hotel accommodations but a policy of no tolerance, as requested by EJTF-MPIRG would not be put into effect.

Terry told the members of EJTF-MPIRG that the committee would come to a decision on sending a recommendation to the President at the November meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.