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Issues to be reviewed will be brought to the Committee by any member of the community or added to the agenda of a Committee meeting by any Committee member.  Requests to have an issue included in the Committee’s deliberations will be forwarded to the chair who will make the determination of its appropriateness for Committee action.  The Committee expects that the following information will be available prior to the acceptance of an issue for Committee consideration.

  • Description of the issues
  • Relationship to Macalester
  • Statement of relevant facts
  • Statements articulating both sides of the issue, including information from major participants.
  • Action that the proposing group would like to take.
  • Alternatives considered and reasons for recommendation of preferred alterative.

The Committee will consider issues as follows:

  • All materials will be reviewed.
  • Meetings are open to College community members.
  • The Committee may request testimony from involved parties.
  • Committee deliberations will take place in executive sessions.

Once an issue is accepted by the Committee for study, it will be researched along with the sponsor so that a position paper can be generated for Committee action.  The Committee will have the ability to respond to a paper in one of four ways.

  1. Accept the paper and its recommendation and forward them to the College’s administration.
  2. Request specific modifications of any part of the paper prior to final action.
  3. Return it to the sponsor for additional carefully specified work.
  4. Reject the recommendation.

The final work product for each issue will be in the form of a written summary of findings to the administration.


Adopted May 3, 2006

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