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Offices in Academic Buildings

Office space is at a premium in the academic buildings. A number of factors led to our being comparatively short on space. During the past five years we have added to our numbers of full-time faculty, part-time faculty replacing sabbaticals and course releases, MSFEO faculty, pre and post doctoral fellows, academic line staff members, and employees working on grants.

Below are some suggestions for office use in the academic departments.

Full Time Employees:

  • Full time tenured and tenure track faculty should have private offices.
  • Full time non-tenured track faculty should have private offices, if possible.
  • Adjunct faculty should have private offices, if possible.
  • Offices for academic staff will depend on the nature of the work. Most department coordinators and administrative assistants will have a workstation in the department office. Some science staff will have offices within labs. Some will have private or shared offices.

Part Time Employees:

  • Part time faculty usually share offices or occupy the office of a faculty member on leave.
  • Part time staff will usually share offices or have a workstation within the department office.
  • Employees who share space should have an individual desk space, shelf and file space if at all possible.

Student Space:

Some academic departments have student lounges, workrooms, or libraries. This is acceptable as long as it does not deprive a faculty or staff employee of an office.

Department Space:

Departments are understandably anxious to have designated space within their buildings. The department will always have priority over the allocation of space in their part of a building. If it is necessary for someone from outside the department to use an office, the department chair will always be consulted before any office is assigned or any changes are made.

Office Moves and Maintenance

Custodians clean all academic offices and public space during the summer months. This is also a good time for office moves and larger maintenance projects. The best time for this work is mid-June through July. Facilities maintenance is busy with Commencement and Reunion in May and opening residence halls in August.

Non tenure eligible faculty members whose appointments end May 31st or August 31st should vacate their offices by May 31st. This allows time for the office to be cleaned and prepared for the next tenant. The Provost's Office will contact these faculty members with information about leaving the College. Faculty members who would like to remain in the offices after May 31st should contact the Provost's Office to make arrangements.

The Provost will contact tenured faculty who are retiring or entering MSFEO directly to give them information about retirement benefits and office space.

Please use the Facilities Management Work Request Form when faculty leave or change offices.