Departmental Chairs - Department Coordinator Responsibilities
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Department chair has primary responsibility with assistance from coordinator

    • Class schedules
    • Department and program budgets
    • Conferences and speaker visits
    • Department honors program

Department chair has primary responsibility with assistance from other faculty in department (the department coordinator may provide administrative support under the direction of the chair)

    • Writing department material
      • Self Study
      • Academic Department Update
      • Honors Program Guidelines
      • Catalog Copy
      • Course descriptions
    • Advise students, sign major concentration plans, study away plans and independent project forms
    • Content of department website
    • Position searches, department reviews, tenure or promotion reviews
    • Work with other departments on cross-listing of courses
    • Work with Director of Academic Programs to hire non-tenure faculty
    • Work with EPAG and Registrar on course and other curriculum changes
    • Orient and mentor new faculty

Department Coordinator has primary responsibility

    • Hiring and supervision of student employees
    • Office management (supplies, equipment, administrative support)
    • Respond to inquiries (e-mail, letter, telephone)
    • Maintain department files, bulletin board and website
    • Maintain alumni database (if any)
    • Publications for department needs (course flyers, department newsletter, etc)
    • Coordinate department events
    • Other duties as assigned