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In the spring of 2010, the Educational Policy and Governance (EPAG) committee recommended to Provost Murray, and she accepted, a policy that all faculty (full-time and part-time) administer some form of written course evaluation in each class each semester. A substantial body of literature shows that completion of well-crafted questionnaires by students provides reliable and valid information for evaluating teaching.

In 2007 a committee of eight faculty recommended to EPAG the use of the Student Ratings of Instruction form produced by the IDEA Center at Kansas State University ( The use of this form continues to be supported by the College. The Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching offers information sessions about using and interpreting the results of the IDEA survey. Please contact Adrienne Christiansen for information regarding upcoming programming. Other institutional forms are also included here.

Information on the IDEA Survey
Teaching Evaluation for Tenure Review
Course Evaluation form from Institutional Research

In addition to the IDEA survey, we have compiled a set of course evaluations that are used by Macalester faculty members. You may access these at the below links, organized by division.

If you have not used a course evaluation form previously or are looking for alternative ways of evaluating your course, the links below provide additional information about selecting, designing, and interpreting questionnaires.

Student Rating Forms from Tips for Teaching by Barbara Davis ( U.C. Berkeley)
Evaluating Your Teaching - Duke University
Improving Teacher Evaluations by Ronald T. Boyd, American Institutes for Research
Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System by Raoul Arreola, University of Tennessee

Other Course Evaluation forms used by Macalester Faculty

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Social Sciences