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Major Goals of the Center for Scholarship and Teaching

Supporting Excellence in Scholarship

  • Provide opportunities for scholarly engagement among Macalester Colleagues, including Food for Thought, and Harmon Reading and Research Series
  • Enhance collaborations and mentoring between faculty through better communication of expertise and interest areas (faculty database development)
  • Help keep faculty abreast of enhancements in information technology
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information on intramural and extramural funding opportunities, and provide practical support in obtaining funding

Supporting Excellence in Teaching and Advising

  • Provide a effective orientation program for new faculty that includes the New Faculty Seminar
  • Facilitate mentoring and collegial engagement through effective "match-making" and seminars, e.g. Talking About Teaching
  • Provide feedback and mentoring on teaching independent of the tenure process
  • Develop and house a collection of text, media and I.T. resources in support of teaching and advising
  • Help faculty develop teaching skills that support the education of students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • Develop resources on the effective assessment of student learning
  • Provide updates and training on teaching technologies

Seeking ways to Integrate Scholarship & Teaching

  • Provide opportunities for faculty to talk about possibilities for integration
  • Support pilot programs designed to test new ideas for integration
  • Support student-faculty research projects
  • Foster team-teaching as a way of refreshing faculty perspective on teaching
  • Develop and house a collection of resources on the benefits and challenges of integration and successful examples

Encouraging Public Scholarship and Civic Learning

  • Consolidate and disseminate information on all Macalester programs that involve civic engagement
  • Support pilot programs designed to enhance civic learning
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to talk with one another about the possible connections between their teaching and/or scholarship and the broader community
  • Bring speakers from the community to campus to enliven and challenge our understanding of ourselves as an urban liberal arts college

Special Projects Related To Our Statement of Purpose and Belief

  • Exploring the history and meaning of the liberal arts college, and its role in educating future generations
  • Establishing student competencies (e.g. cross-cultural effectiveness, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, writing, oral communication)
  • Making better use of the students' co-curricular experience to enhance their academic education


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