Course Design Workshops

When we think about teaching, images from the classroom, laboratory, studio or individual meeting times with students come to mind. We tend to focus on the times we are actively engaged with students, which of course, are a very important component of successful teaching. However, successful teaching requires much more than this. It requires thoughtful planning before the class begins and during the term to ensure that the course itself is structured in a way that best supports student learning. It requires knowledge of an array of teaching methods that support various student learning goals. And it requires knowledge of how student learning might be accurately assessed. The goal of the Serie Center’s Course Design Workshops are to provide some guidelines for course development and design and to give you an opportunity for reflection on how these principles translate into your individual courses.

The next set of Course Design Workshops are currently scheduled for:

  • New Faculty (August 20, 2013 8:30-4:00; Lunch provided)

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, please contact Adrienne Christiansen ( or x6714.