The Mid-Course Interview (MCI)

The MCI process is confidential and your interviewer/scribe will be from outside your department. Feedback from faculty who participated in this program in previous semesters have been very positive and many individuals have done additional MCIs in succeeding semesters.

We recommend that you schedule your MCI between the 6th and 8th weeks of the semester. It is helpful if you will have responded to and/or graded some student work by the time of the interview.

If you want to sign up to have your class "Mickied," please e-mail Marga Miller with the following information:

  • Course name and number
  • the day, date and time you want the interview to take place,

NOTE: The Mid-Course Interviews last an hour, so the scribe and interviewer will take the full period on MWF classes. For T/Th, studio, lab and evening classes, please indicate in which hour you would like the interview to take place.

  • the classroom building and number
  • the number of students in the class.

You should also reserve the date on your class schedule/syllabus that you hope for the MCI to take place. Marga will let you know the names of your interviewer and scribe, and your interviewer will be in touch to set up a pre-MCI conversation with you. If you would like to volunteer to be an interviewer or scribe, please let Marga Miller know as soon as possible.

The Mid-Course Interview (MCI) Overview of the Program