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Writing at Macalester

A working group, funded by the Hewlett Liberal Arts Grant, met during the 2001-2002 academic year and drafted a set of recommendations for how Macalester might strengthen our support of excellence in student writing. Click here to read their full report. Their recommendations are summarized below.

1. Improve "W" course designations
2. The College should establish a clear list of outcomes for student writing in first year courses, and assist faculty in meeting these objectives.
3. Departments and Programs should establish a clear list of outcomes for student writing in the major.
4. The College should run a pilot program assessing the use of a standard text for FY courses
(Transition to College Writing ).
5. The CST and MAX Center should provide teaching materials handouts, guides, sample assignments, books, etc.- for faculty.
6. The MAX Center should increase Web support for students .
7. The MAX Center should provide MAX Center Liaisons with "W" courses.
8. The College should institute student writing prizes/ publications.
9. Bring outside consultants and speakers to campus to discuss the ways other institutions teach writing.
10. Faculty incentive for teaching of writing.
11. Pilot lab in FY course on bibliographic and information technology skills.
12. Investigate an e-portfolio, possibly optional.
13. Consider financial assistance to enable each FY student to purchase a computer (notebook or desktop for room), based on financial need.
14. Accountability for writing instruction.


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