NSF Requirements

About the NSF Data Management Plan Requirements

NSF proposals submitted or due on or after January 18, 2011, must include a supplementary document of no more than two pages labeled “Data Management Plan”. This supplementary document should describe how the proposal will conform to NSF policy on the dissemination and sharing of research results. See Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) Chapter II.C.2.j for full policy implementation.

Questions for Faculty to Consider

  • What kind of data?
    • Non-digital forms? Physical samples?
  • How are you currently collecting, storing, and providing access to your data?
  • How long does the data need to be kept?
  • Will the data need to be embargoed for a period of time?
  • In what format should the data be stored?
  • Storage versus access - Access and storage may be treated differently.
  • What kind of collaborative access is required?
    • Student & faculty research project at Mac only?
    • Faculty research with a faculty member at another institution?
    • Faculty and students in collaboration with another institution?
  • Does the research involve human subjects, and if so, has IRB (Institutional Review Board) been contacted?
  • Are there existing subject respositories for the data?
    • If the answer is no, will you require storage space and/or hosting on a Mac server?
    • If “yes”, funding to cover the costs should be built into the grant request.
    • If “no”, will you require funding to pay for remote hosting and storage?
    • If not sure, AIAs and Library Liaison are available to help investigate.