Current Projects

Summer 2012 Digital Humanities Seed Grants at Macalester

Daylanne English, English, Macalester
A Genealogy of Afrofuturism is a media-rich, book-length digital humanities project that she will publish via one of the two publishing platforms currently in development for such projects, SCALAR and ANVIL. This born-digital project will trace the history of and relationships among Afrofuturism in the United States, the Caribbean, and Britain and will include video, music, interviews, and visual art, along with scholarly analysis. English will be assessing the relative merits of the two platforms as she continues to research and develop the project.

Rachael Huener, German and Russian Studies, Macalester To explore digital humanities projects that reflect true interdisciplinarity through digital multimedia environments. She will use this exploration to design cultural history templates that will help students in writing German in a way that reflects and enacts the multi- and inter-disciplinary content and analysis of German Studies.

Joanna Inglot, Art History, Macalester To learn Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Sketchup to enhance and innovate teaching and learning in Art History courses through digital exercises and learning modules that require technical skills like 2D and 3D imaging.

Chris Wells, Macalester, and George Vrtis, Carleton
To acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to put together place-based virtual tours (both on the web and through downloadable Android and iOS smartphone apps) based on their environmental history research on the Twin Cities riverfronts.

Other Projects

Captive Audiences/Captive Performers: Music and Theatre as Strategies for Survival on the Thailand-Burma Railway 1942-1945, by Professor Sears Eldredge. A digital book that tells the story of how music and theatre helped 61,000 POWs survive South-East Asian WWII camps. This digital book is published via DigitalCommons.