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Green Building Resources

Energy Efficiency

Energy StarBecoming energy efficient covers a wide range of topics including selecting energy efficient appliances, lighting , sealing all air leaks in your home, and getting a home energy audit.

Xcel Energy – Guide to Home Energy Savings

ENERGY STAR – Save Energy at Home

ENERGY STAR – Heat and Cool Efficiently

ENERGY STAR – Air Seal and Insulate with ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR – DIY Guide to Sealing and Insulating

ENERGY STAR – Assess Your Home

Xcel Energy – Home Energy Audit

Xcel Energy – Online Energy Audit Tool

CenterPoint Energy – Home Energy Audit

Dakota Electric Association – Energy Assessments

Home Intelligence - Guide to Home Energy Efficiency

Consumer Monitoring Devices and Power Strips

TED (The Energy Detective) 1000 – Real-time electricity monitor for entire house (requires electrician to install)

Kill A Watt – Real-time electricity monitor for single outlets

Powercost Monitor – Whole house electricity monitor (does not require electrician to install)

Smart Power Strip – Automatically switches devices on and off (similar products are also available)


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