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Green Building Resources

Water Use

Water UseThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created the WaterSense Label to help consumers identify water efficient products including toilets, bathroom sink faucets and accessories, and showerheads. Reducing water use from an existing sink or showerhead is as easy as installing an aerator.   Many of these products can be found at local home improvement stores like Home Depot and from green building supply stores like the Natural Built Home and Moss Envy.

ENERGY STAR provides guidance on selecting energy and water efficient clothes washers, dishwashers, and water heaters.

In the yard, water use can be reduced by using native plants, or xeriscaping.  See the Landscaping and Patio [link to Landscaping and Patio page] page for more information.

EPA – Using Water Efficiently Ideas for Residences

ENERGY STAR – Saving Water Helps Protect Our Nation’s Water Supplies

The WaterSense Label – Water Efficient Products

WaterSense Labeled Product Search

ENERGY STAR – Clothes Washers

ENERGY STAR - Dishwashers

ENERGY STAR – Water Heater, Gas Condensing

ENERGY STAR – Find a store

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