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EcoHouse 2015-2016

This year, our cohort of environmentally-minded residents has thoroughly enjoyed living in the EcoHouse. We have worked together to plan and host a sustainability networking event at the National AASHE Conference in Minneapolis. Second semester, we will worked to implement the Green Ribbon Pledge which is a commitment that graduating seniors sign, saying that they will actively seek sustainable employment in their chosen career.

Kayla Walsh:  I am an Environmental Studies and Media and Cultural Studies major with a concentration in Communications. I’m from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I love running, writing, photography, and good coffee. Ask me about my time working outside with kiddos and teaching them about their environment!

Kaelyn Lemon:  I am a Biology major and a double minor in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. I’m from Sunnyvale, California. I like sea nettles (and members of Cnidaria in general), Jane Austen novels, and hiking. Ask me about where you can buy cricket flour (and the environmental benefits).

Kyoko Sakai:  I am a double major in Economics and Studio Art. I am from Tokyo, Japan. I like dancing, knitting, piano and teddy bears. When I studied in Denmark last year, I took a class about sustainability in fashion industry. Ask me about emerging Danish trends that reduce environmental impacts from shopping clothes.

Andjelka Radevic:  I am an International Studies major with concentrations in Community and Global Health and Human Rights and Humanitarianism and a minor in Political Science. I am from Montenegro. I enjoy exploring the Twin Cities, traveling, learning new languages, and most crime TV series. Ask me about compostable/ recyclable items.


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