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EcoHouse Residents Fall 2013
Analuna Brambila, Molly Sowash, Julia Gay, and Carly Avezzano


Carly Avezzano - I am an International Studies major with a French minor.  I'm from Montvale, New Jersey.  I love writing,  traveling, exploring different cultures, going camping, eating, and conversing with good friends.  My soul food is goat cheese.

Analuna Brambila - I am an Environmental and Educational Studies major.  I'm from San Jose, California.  I love running, biking, my dog, playing piano, writing, and hiking.  My soul food is almond butter.

Julia Gay - I am an American Studies major with an Urban Studies concentration.  I'm from Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  I love to dance, laugh with friends, play flute, and dabble in theatre.  My soul food is a cherry.

Molly Sowash - I am an English creative writing major also interested in studying environment, religion, and food.  I'm from Columbus, Ohio.  I love to sing, read, play guitar, cook, kayak, write, and spend lots of time outside.  My soul food is a sweet potato.


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