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EcoHouse 2014

This year, our cohort of environmentally-minded residents has thoroughly enjoyed living in the EcoHouse. We have created our own version of the EcoHouse blog where we document weekly sustainability challenges. One week, we decided to only shower using water heated solely by our solar panels. Another week, we ate strictly vegetarian. Then, we blogged about our how difficult or easy these changes were! We’ve definitely become more self-aware about our energy consumption and waste-production. MAMAC systems is a new installation which has helped us to keep track of our KWh electricity and our water consumption! In Spring 2015 our project involved creating a map of recycling centers around Twin Cities for everything from E-waste to used clothing.

Kayla Walsh: I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Communications and a minor in Media and Cultural studies. I’m from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I love running, writing, photography, and good coffee. Ask me about my time working outside with kiddos and teaching them about their environment!

Kaelyn Lemon: I am a Biology major and a double minor in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. I’m from Sunnyvale, California. I like sea nettles (and members of Cnidaria in general), Jane Austen novels, and hiking. Ask me about where you can buy cricket flour (and the environmental benefits).

Kyoko Sakai: I double major in Economics and Studio Art. I am from Tokyo, Japan. I like dancing, knitting, piano and teddy bears. When I studied in Denmark last year, I took a class about sustainability in fashion industry. Ask me about emerging Danish trends that reduce environmental impacts from shopping clothes.


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