Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Effective January 1, 2014, Macalester College transitioned our health care and dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) and COBRA administration from eflexgroup to HR Simplified.

New! $500 Carryover
Employees can now roll over up to $500 of unused healthcare FSA dollars into the next plan year instead of simply “losing it.” This new feature provides more flexibility to spend FSA money when participants need it. The dollars can be used for necessary out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, and helps to ease the last minute and potentially unnecessary spending at the end of the year. This $500 carryover is an automatic feature of your Health Care FSA plan, if you would like to opt-out, please complete the carryover opt out form. Any amounts left in your Health Care FSA plan above the $500 carryover limit will be forfeited at the end of the plan year.

New Debit Cards
In connection with this change, HR Simplified will provide debit cards to all FSA participants. These debit cards can be used with most providers to directly pay for services from the funds available in your flex account.  For those providers that do not accept debit cards, claims can be submitted manually using the FSA Claim Form (listed below) or directly through HR Simplified’ s online portal.   Claims are paid out daily as received.

Macalester Employer ID: HRSMACAL

Account Information
As part of your benefit program, Macalester offers you the opportunity to enroll in a health care flexible spending account that allows you to pay your eligible health care expenses on a pre-tax basis.  All participants must reenroll annually.  You will save money when you use pre-tax dollars to reimburse your eligible health care expenses.  If you enroll in the flexible spending account, your elected contributions will be deducted from your pay and will not be subject to federal income tax, state income tax, or social security (FICA) taxes.  When your taxable income is reduced, your taxes are also reduced.

The key to the effective use of the flexible spending account is planning.  You must anticipate what your medical expenses will be for the coming year and set aside enough money to cover them.  You decide how much money you will contribute annually (based on a calendar year) to your account.  The annual amount will be divided by the number of pay periods (12 for monthly paid employees and 24 for bi-weekly paid employees) and deducted on a pre-tax basis each paycheck during the plan year (from the first two paychecks of each month for bi-weekly paid employees).  Twice during the year, bi-weekly paid employees will receive three checks during the month; there will be no deductions for flexible compensation choices from the third check of the month.  The contributions you designate will be credited to a bookkeeping account on your behalf.  This account will be used to reimburse you for eligible health care expenses for you and your eligible dependents which are not reimbursed by another source, such as insurance, another reimbursement plan, or a state agency.

*Note: Per IRS rules, HDHP/HSA Health Plan members are limited to dental and vision expense reimbursements only until the IRS minimum health plan deductible of $1,300/single or $2,600/family is satisfied (a “limited” flex).

Because your contributions are pre-tax, federal regulations limit your ability to change your elections during the calendar year.  You may only change your elections during the calendar year if you experience a change in status event.  Before requesting a change to your current election during a plan year, contact Employment Services to check your eligibility.

Submitting Claims

  1. You may use your debit card to directly pay for expenses from your FSA.
  2. Manual reimbursements may be submitted online (www.hrsimplified.com). You may access and complete the necessary forms, attach documentation and send it via online, fax, mail or mobile.
  3. You must submit claims for reimbursement by March 31 of the following calendar year. However, if you terminate employment you must submit claims for reimbursement within 90 days after your date of termination.

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