Employee Handbook

1.2 Purpose of the Employee Handbook

Macalester College is committed to being a preeminent liberal arts college. To achieve this goal, the College recognizes that it needs a dedicated and excellent staff. This handbook is for the use of both new and experienced employees. We hope that it helps describe the positive, engaging workplace that the College is endeavoring to provide.

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide employees with a working guide to the understanding of the day-to-day administration of personnel policies and practices. The personnel policies set forth pertain to all employees of the College, although those who are included in collective bargaining agreements, have other personnel policies and practices contained in collective bargaining agreements, that may supersede this Employee Handbook.

The Employee Handbook is provided for informational purposes only. It is designed to provide employees with a general summary description of College personnel policies, programs, and employee benefits. The College has the right to change, modify, delete, deviate from, or add policies and procedures. The College will endeavor to announce changes by memo or in the "Bulletin". Any subsequent revisions or modifications supersede this Handbook. It is your responsibility as an employee to read this handbook. If further clarification or interpretation is necessary, please talk with your supervisor and/or contact the Employment Services Department for assistance. These policies and procedures and any subsequent revisions do not constitute an employment contract, and should not be interpreted as creating an employment contract.

Employment at Macalester College is purely voluntary, based upon the consent of the employee and the College. Accordingly, either the employee or the College may terminate this "at will" employment relationship at any time. This handbook does not modify or limit the employment at will relationship.

This handbook, reissued September 2004, supersedes and replaces any previous handbooks and written or unwritten policies or practices covering the same or similar subjects.

Reissued 09/01/2004