Employee Handbook

3.3 Selection and Placement

Selection and placement is based on several factors including skill level, work and educational experience, interview results, references, and consultation between the hiring department and the Employment Services Department.

The supervisor of the vacant position, in consultation with the Employment Services Department, will select from the interviewed candidates the person to be hired. References with current/former supervisors are checked by the hiring supervisor or his/her designee. Verification of past employment, required degrees, and licenses will be done through Employment Services prior to the employment. Where required, Employment Services, will arrange for a pre-placement physical paid for by the College. For positions with access to residential room keys, a criminal background check, with the applicants approval, will be conducted by the Employment Services Department in accordance with the Kari Koskinen Criminal Background Check Act. A criminal background check will also be completed for positions with direct access to College funds and if convictions involving crimes of moral turpitude are found, employment will be precluded.

The hiring supervisor normally makes the initial job offer. Letters of employment (initial hire letters) and annual salary notices are issued by the Employment Services Department to staff employees based on the recommendation of supervisors.

3.3.1 Internal Promotion

In an effort to provide professional growth opportunities, job announcements will normally be posted at the College for five business days prior to being advertised and posted externally. To be eligible, staff employees must complete one year of service in their current position. Temporary employees may be considered for internal positions if they have been employed for a minimum of of sixty days in the last six-month period and are currently employed or their last day of employment was within the past thirty days. Interested applicants should apply immediately to the Employment Services Department.

Current job announcements will be posted on the Employment Services bulletin board located outside the Employment Services Department in 77 Mac. Openings will also be announced on the Employment Services web site at:http://www.macalester.edu/employmentservices/jobs. If an internal applicant for the position meets minimum qualifications for the position as determined by the hiring manager and the Employment Services Department, the internal applicant should be granted an interview. The hiring manager may request from the Employment Services Department copies of the two most recent performance evaluations from the applicant's personnel file.

If the hiring manager and the Employment Services Department identify qualified internal applicants as the result of the interview process, the hiring manager should hire the applicant whose experience and education most closely match those defined in the position description.

If an internal applicant does not meet qualifications, the Employment Services Representative and/or the hiring supervisor will tell the applicant that they will not be considered for the position. If there are no qualified internal applicants, the position will be advertised and posted externally. In some cases, a position may be recruited both internally and externally at the same time with Employment Services Director approval. However, external applicants will be advised that all internal, qualified applicants will be considered first.

If the internal applicant meets qualifications but the hiring supervisor and Employment Services Representative have concerns about the ability of the internal applicant to succeed in the position, the internal applicant will be advised of the concerns by the Employment Services Representative, and the supervisor may appeal to the Director of Employment Services to consider the internal applicant along with external applicants.

3.3.2 Staff Employee Referral

This information is currently being reviewed.

3.3.3 Statement on Employment of Family Members or Others in Close Relationships

Macalester will allow simultaneous employment of more than one member of the same family. The appropriateness of placement of a family member of an employee in a critical or confidential area will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Employees shall not participate in personnel decisions (initial appointment, retention, promotion, salary, leave of absence, etc.) involving direct benefit to members of their immediate families or household. Members of the family or household may not be in a direct reporting relationship. Other relationships may also prevent an employee from participating in personnel decisions relating to an individual where a relationship exists outside of the College, and will be evaluated by the Employment Services department on a case-by case basis.