Off-Campus Living and Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Office
651-696-6866 (fax )

Mailing Address
1600 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN
55105 USA

The Admissions and Financial Aid Offices are located at 62 Macalester Street.

During 2013-2014, Macalester will account for the same residence & dining costs whether a student lives on or off campus when determining eligibility for financial aid.  Therefore, financial aid eligibility is not affected by where a student lives.

In most cases, off campus students must divert a portion of his or her family's financial contribution to the landlord and to a grocery budget when moving from campus housing to off campus housing.  But if the amount of financial aid available exceeds the cost of Macalester tuition and fees, the excess amount may be used for living expenses.  To request a refund of excess financial aid, students should contact the Student Accounts Office after all financial aid has been credited.  Refunds of excess financial aid are generally delivered within ten business days after such a request is initiated.