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Safer Sex Week: Hunt for the Golden Condom

It's been found.  Congratulations to Will Theriac, '16, who discovered the Golden Condom hidden under the bandana of the skeleton in Anthropology department.  Will walked away with the Salut gift card, a box of chocolates, iTunes card, and the coveted Consent is Mac boxers. 

Thanks to all who played the game.  Just for fun, here is Clue #5:  Moe money, moe money; I got 206 problems, but this ain't one.

Traveling to west Africa?

Macalester College advises any Macalester community member who is planning travel or has traveled recently to West Africa to consult the Center for Disease Control for the most up-to-date information. For general information and resources, check out the Macalester Ebola Prevention web page.

Tobacco Free Macalester!

#ShareTheAir - Macalester goes tobacco free 
January 1, 2015!

Flu Shots Available

Flu shots are now available at HWC.  Please call 651.696.6275 or stop by to make an appointment or simply drop in any time during finals.  Online credit card payments can be made by purchasing a flu shot "gift certificate".

Items of Interest

Consent is Mac tumblr

Voices on Mental Health Macalester created a video for the week.  View Secrets.