Health Promotion

9 Macalester students jumping on the football field's sideline

The health promotion program is led by a professional health education specialist. The vitality and energy of the program is enriched by a diverse team of students who work together - offering education and initiatives to enhance the health of their peers. As Macalester students, the student health promotion team offers unique perspectives on their community’s needs and interests.

Our main mission is to create a campus environment in which students feel empowered to make healthy choices for themselves that contribute to their overall personal and academic success.


Alejandra Marin is a senior from Santa Ana, California. Although seemingly quiet when you first meet her, she is funny and engaging.   If you were lucky enough to attend 69 Questions: Our Hot and Healthy Trivia Night, you have witnessed Alejandra's creative side.  Alejandra is also coordinating the Consent is Mac initiative.

Carolyn Filardo is a junior Anthropology major from the Boston area.  Her interest with HIV and AIDS brought her to volunteer at the Minnesota AIDS Project.  A few summers ago, Carolyn worked at a hospital in Malindi, Kenya further expanding her interest in becoming a public health nurse.  Look for Carolyn at our many events including our What the Health kiosk.  You will also find her on the club hockey team.

Mike Curran is a first-year student and one of our newest staff members.  Mike was born and raised in Portland, Maine. He loves anything outdoors, traveling, and long walks on the beach (literally). Come hang out with him in the Wellness Lounge!

Taylor Muenchow is a junior Biology major who is also new to our health promotion staff.  You can find her cheerful self at Wellness Wednesday and What the Health. 

Kathryn Klein, known as Katieis a senior from Bellingham, Washington. She comes from a long line of "Katies" who have worked at Health and Wellness Center, who have all made an immediate impact. Katie is always ready to think outside the box and look at health from a unique perspective. She has a quirky sense of humor that matches her effervescent wardrobe. She is an International Studies major with a music minor.  Her instrument is the viola.

Shannon Mahedy is a sophomore from Wall, New Jersey.  Shannon is an International Studies major with a Hispanic Studies minor.  She is a new member of our health promotion staff but she was involved with HWC as a Zumba instructor last year.  An avid traveler, Shannon has been to 21 countries including Iceland where she descended 400 feet into an inactive volcano.  Shannon is co-coordinating the Consent is Mac initiative this year.

 Ian Lock is a sophomore from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  A self-proclaimer dog lover, he also loves anything to do with the great outdoors.  His career aspiration is to work as an epidemiologist in the area of cancer research.  You can find Ian working the "What the Health" kiosk as well as staffing many of our promotions.  His motto for this year, quoting the great Jessica Alba, "Thank you to the fans. I do movies for you. Practice safe sex and drive hybrids if you can."

Sarah Birkholz is a senior from the neighboring community of Shoreview MN. She is a hockey goalie, a rugby star, and record-holder of weight lifts at the Leonard Center Fitness Center. Her skills in organization and details are a perfect match for many of our initiatives including the Anonymous Safer Sex Kits.

Austin Clowes is a junior from Lee's Summit, Missouri majoring in International Studies with a minor in Music. Although a classical guitarist, Austin is also part of various jazz groups on campus including MacJazz.  Austin uses his bike to explore the Twin Cities community - finding remote coffee shops and great music along the way.  You can find Austin at our health promotion events - friendly and welcoming.