Health Professions Advising

Lin Aanonsen
O.T. Walter Professor of Biology
Director of Health Professions Advising

Patty Byrne Pfalz
Administrative Assistant


Science and Research Office
Welcome to the Science and Research Office. This office was established to increase access to opportunities for science majors by connecting them with existing opportunities and by cultivating new opportunities with academic and corporate laboratories. These opportunities may be in a number of venues, including on campus, the local metropolitan area, cities in the US and international locations.

Macalester First Aid
Macalester First Aid is a student organization that aims to bring emergency medical education and service to the Macalester College community. We hold regular CPR/AED classes throughout the semester and offer at least one EMT-B course every year. At our weekly meetings we run through medical/trauma scenarios, give presentations on current medical practices, and practice response techniques through continuing education.

Internship Office
The Internship Office helps hundreds of students to participate in credit-bearing internships

Civic Engagement Center
The Civic Engagement Center educates students on issues related to global citizenship, assisting them with their personal discernment of values, ethics, and commitments towards contributing to the public good in meaningful ways. The center works with the community in a spirit of respectful reciprocity and partnership. We connect the resources of the college with community needs and strengths from a commitment to institutional citizenship and to reinforce the capacity of local communities.

Career Development Center
The Career Development Center (CDC) is committed to helping students develop, understand and connect their liberal arts educational experience with their future goals. Our career counselors guide undergraduates through choosing a major, career planning, job search and graduate schools options. We offer resume & personal statement reviews, mock interviews, workshops, access to employment opportunities, and career assessment testing and interpretation to students and recent alumni.