IGCSC 2014-2015

The Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council (IGCSC) is the student voice of the Institute for Global Citizenship. Students representing all sectors of campus life--from athletics to the arts, from environmental issues to multicultural life--come together to actively shape the perception of global citizenship on Macalester's campus.

The IGCSC initiated the Live It! Fund to empower our peers to embrace the core values of Macalester: Academic Excellence, Multiculturalism, Internationalism and Civic Engagement.

  • Live It Fund, a program that distributes $35,000 in grant funds annually for student to live out their personal definitions of global citizenship. In groups or individually, students design an independent project, carry it out over J-Term or the summer, and then come back to the Macalester community to share what they have done. 

Contact the IGCSC at igcsc@macalester.edu.