• 63

    Projects funded by Live It! grants.

  • $180K

    (and more) in grant funding distributed since 2010

  • 22

    Countries in which Live It! projects have taken place.

What does Global Citizenship mean to you? If you could design a project to live out that definition, what would it look like?

The Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council initiated the Live It! Fund to empower our peers to embrace the core values of Macalester: Academic Excellence, Multiculturalism, Internationalism and Civic Engagement. How do we draw from these values to live out global citizenship?

In designing the Live It Fund we pooled social and financial resources that would facilitate living definitions of global citizenship on our campus and in the wider world. Through an application process, we ask students to define global citizenship and propose a project that would enable them to live it. Students can apply for $500-$10,000 to carry out projects of the summer, or $250-$2,000 to carry out a project over J-term. These projects can take place anywhere in the world. Decisions about awards are made by the students on the IGC Student Council, with help from our advisors.

The Live It! Program has been a huge success, growing each year since its inception in 2010. As the number of applications has grown, we are excited to expand the program to include a J-term option. Macalester students continue to inspire us with their passion, creativity and incredible embodiment of global citizenship.

Now it is time to Live It.
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