Netherlands during Faculty Development International Seminar 2010

We support intellectual and cultural engagement through study away, as an enduring part of a liberal arts education. We strive to ensure that study away experiences reflect the core values of Macalester College – scholarship, internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society.

We pursue our mission by

  • Investigating and evaluating study away programs to identify those that best serve the values of the college.
  • Advising students to make informed choices in selecting programs that provide a good match between their educational goals and preparation and academic quality and cultural experience in study away programs.
  • Maintaining a small number of Macalester-run study abroad programs and exchanges with foreign universities.
  • Keeping a Recommended List of high-quality study away programs.
  • Communicating regularly with faculty and college administration.
  • Engaging students in discussion about study abroad and the liberal arts.
  • Participating in study abroad professional organizations, such as NAFSA, CIEE, The Forum on Education Abroad, ACM, and others.
  • Promoting student academic achievement abroad through returnee forums.

Fast Facts

About 60% of students study away as part of their Macalester education.

In 2013-2014, 273 Macalester students studied abroad. They participated in 140 different programs, studied 26 languages, and studied in 55 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

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