Academic Integration


Taken by Rob Jentsch '10 during his study abroad in Morrocco

We aim for study away to build upon and enhance students' prior work at Macalester, then enliven what follows. Academic integration of this kind is the result of broad collaboration: students, faculty, academic departments and International Center staff.

Students: Think ahead, plan your study away semester not as something separate from your academic plan. Instead, think of it as part of your entire liberal arts curriculum. Discuss your plans and ideas with faculty and advisors in the International Center.

Faculty: Professors can be crucial in helping students see how study away can be used to their advantage, such as for capstones and honors projects. They can also help students use coursework done before they leave to prepare for their experiences abroad.

Academic departments: Quite a few departments hold forums and other events to showcase what students have done during study away. Eleven departments require study away for completion of a major. Departments also recommend certain programs for students in their major.

International Center: The IC offers advising on program selection. The online advising and application process requires you to look ahead. We also organize forums and lunches for returnees to consider how they can integrate their study away experience more fully into their academic and personal life here at Macalester. We also invite returnees to share their experiences with prospective students before they study away.