When you study away as a Macalester student, tuition will be charged to your student account. The charge will equal Macalester’s full-time semester tuition, or will be higher in the case that your selected program tuition costs more than Macalester. Whether a particular program provides room and board, just room, or some partial room and/or board varies greatly. In many cases, the room and/or board charges are billed through Macalester, but there are programs where students will need to pay for these costs directly to the overseas institutions. See the program-specific budget sheets on the individual program pages of the International Center website for the most recent and billed and out-of-pocket cost estimates.

All Macalester financial aid (except work study) will be applied to your study away semester. The International Center will automatically provide study away cost information to the Financial Aid Office for all approved students. You do not need to take action to initiate this process.

Off-Campus Study and Financial Aid

Financial Aid Worksheet

All international students are eligible to study away at Macalester. Macalester financial aid can be applied to study away costs for international students only in the following circumstances:

  • Study away if required for a formally declared major or minor (Studying at Macalester fulfills the study abroad requirement for international students majoring in International Studies. Consequently, international students may not apply financial aid to study abroad for that major.); or

  • The student has been approved to study in any Group A program (note: not all qualified students may be approved for exchange programs because of exchange balance requirements).

Students who have permanent residence status or dual U.S. and other citizenship are eligible for Macalester financial aid when studying away. In some cases, international students may be eligible for merit scholarships from the program provider.

Many scholarships are available specifically for study abroad experiences, and all Macalester students are encouraged to apply for scholarship funds. Planning ahead is key, as the deadlines for some scholarships are before students need to apply for their programs.


Outside Scholarship Policy

For more detailed information regarding study away finances, see the Costs section of our Policies and Procedures webpage.

Questions regarding program costs should be directed to Barbara Stinson, Study Away Advisor & Account Specialist, at  or 651-696-6331.

Questions regarding your individual financial aid package should be sent to the Financial Aid office at or 651-696-6214.