Perspectives on Globalization

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Academic-Year Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m.-noon

Using globalization as a master concept, the program engages students in major questions concerning the human condition: human rights, urban diversity, and global governance. Students participate actively, in and beyond the classroom.


August Seminar in The Hague (4 credits)
The program begins with a three-week August seminar conducted by a Macalester faculty member. Seminar features include:

  • Focus on globalization, immigration & migration, human rights, global justice
  • Observe international criminal tribunal proceedings and meet a prosecutor
  • Seminar sessions with distinguished speakers and scholars
  • Meetings with large ethnic communities in The Hague and Amsterdam

Direct enrollment at Leiden University College in The Hague (2.5 credits/course)
After the seminar students will in courses at Leiden University College, a liberal arts and international honors college of Leiden University. LUC provides a unique combination of world-class scholarly depth, drawn from the oldest University in the Netherlands, with a cutting-edge and globally conscious curriculum that capitalizes on its location in the vibrant international atmosphere of The Hague. Students will take 3-4 courses at LUC, which are offered in two eight-week blocks. Block 1 classes at Leiden University College begin in late August/early September; Block 2 courses are in session from late October until late December. General information regarding course offerings at Leiden University College can be accessed on the LUC website.

LUC Course Catalog

Independent Study Project (ISP) and Globalization Essay (required; 4 credits)
The ISP is a crucial part of the Perspectives on Globalization program. Its aim is to bring together the experiences and academic insights gained during both the August seminar and the semester courses. The project culminates in a major paper – the Globalization Essay – due the following January. Final papers may be published or otherwise made available by Macalester College for an audience in and beyond the College. This paper involves approximately 90 hours of student work on a pre-approved topic of study, with guidance by Macalester directors and a LUC faculty member.

Macalester/Maastricht Essays from previous years

Coursework, seminar, and ISP together will yield 16 to 18 semester credits.


The Netherlands is known for civic tolerance and individual freedoms, world trade and cultural interactions, the arts, and as an immigrant destination in part because of its long colonial history. The Hague is the third largest city in the country with a population of approximately 500,000. It is a hub for international politics, human rights, and peace and justice, home to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, all foreign embassies in the Netherlands, and a total of more than 150 international organizations. All of this makes The Hague the ideal location for this program.


Upon arrival in the Hague, students will be housed in the Stayokay Den Haag youth hostel for the duration of the seminar. Housing at Leiden University College for fall semester will be arranged upon acceptance into the program. Many students stay in apartments although LUC is finalizing the construction of a student dormitory.

Please see the LUC Housing website

Eligibility & Application

All Macalester students in good academic standing and with a declared major are eligible to apply. *Interested and qualified international students are eligible to study abroad in this program with financial aid.

Students must submit an off-campus study proposal through Macalester in accordance with the stated deadlines and procedures. Please note that all off-campus study proposals are due early in the spring semester.

Dates & Visa/Resident Permit Information

Seminar: July 25 - Aug. 15, 2014

Welcome Week at LUC: Mid-August

Courses at LUC: Mid-August - Mid-December

To study in the Netherlands as a foreign student you may need a visa (MVV) and/or a residence permit (VVR). Student visa and residence permit requests are taken care of by the Admissions Office of LUC the Hague before students leave their home countries. Consult the LUC Visa & Residence Permit page for more details. Students are encouraged to begin researching visa & residency permit requirements as soon as possible. This can be a time-consuming process, especially for international students.

LUC Visa & Residence Permit page

INTERNATIONAL LAW Ezequiel Jimenez Martinez ’13 gained knowledge of global law during a semester in the Netherlands.


Ezequiel Jimenez Martinez ’13 gained knowledge of global law during a semester in the Netherlands.

Quick Facts

Fall 2014 Dates
Seminar: July 25 - Aug. 15
Welcome Week at LUC:
Courses at LUC: Mid-August - Mid-December
  • August Seminar taught by Macalester Faculty
  • Direct enroll at Leiden University College
  • Independent study projects and Globalization Essay
  • International students can use financial aid
  • Cross-disciplinary, open to many majors
  • Seminar & fall semester courses in The Hague

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