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Federal Government

Watch the "How to Create a Strong Federal Resume" webinar. When prompted enter the password, "13gogovernment." To view PowerPoint slides from the webinar, click here.

Guide to finding internships in the Federal Government. Created to help you consider the broad range of internship opportunities and how to navigate the system. The government's official jobs website. Please note that some federal agencies do not list their internships here, so students should also visit the websites of agencies that are of particular interest.

Other Resources:

Call to Serve's eNews
Monthly email newsletter designed to educate the Call to Serve Community about the federal workforce.


International Internships

Finding an International Internship: Macalester's guide to finding international internships

International Program Directory: Websites to search for international internship opportunities

Internships in the UK: Find student placements and internship opportunities in the UK

Other Resources:




  • Brookings: Research in economic studies, governance, etc.