Departmental Internship Requirements

Many majors require or encourage an internship as a part of their requirements. These internship course descriptions are taken from the 2009-20011 course catalog.  All internship courses listed in the college catalog must be registered for academic credit through the internship office.  

The department offers a variety of internships in educational, business, and governmental institutions. Internships sponsored by department faculty are available only to juniors and seniors who have made substantial progress toward the major or have completed a media studies minor or the equivalent and must be grounded in previous coursework. Normally, internships are graded pass/fail. Exceptions to this policy permitting a letter grade may be made at the discretion of the individual faculty member sponsoring the internship. Internships may be of variable credit as determined by the instructor, and up to four credits may be applied to the department major. Every semester. (1–4 credits)