Immigrant and Refugee Services Organizations

Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School*
St. Paul, MN
Education Spanish-language, children, Latino culture 651-778-2940
Adams Spanish Immersion Elem. School*
St. Paul, MN
Education Spanish-language, children 651-298-1595
Advocates for Human Rights*
Minneapolis, MN
Advocacy International human rights, education, women's rights (612) 341-3302
African Development Center
Minneapolis, MN
Community/Economic Development Business development, financial literacy, home ownership Hussein Samatar (Executive Director)
612-333-4772 �107
American Refugee Committee International*
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Refugee, disaster relief, basic needs, health care, skills training (612) 872 -7060 Jessica Phinney
Amigos de las Americas
Houston, TX
Service Abroad Latin America, service trips, leadership, youth, community development Janie Norton
(713) 782-5290,
Aurora Charter School
Minneapolis, MN
Education Spanish-language, children, Latino culture Cheryl Avina (Executive Director)
Bruce F. Vento School
St. Paul, MN
Education Spanish-language program, children 651-293-8685
Casa de Esperanza*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Domestic abuse, Latina, bilingual, education 651-646-5553 x101
Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services*
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Immigration services, case management 612-664-8600
Center for Asian and Pacific Islanders
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Basic needs, health education, employment, youth violence prevention 612.721.0122
Center for Victims of Torture*
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Counseling, mental health, advocacy, international outreach, research Ally Beckman
(877) 265-8775,
Centro Campesino
Owatonna, MN
Advocacy Migrant workers, Latino culture, lobbying, education 507-446-9599
info@centrocampesino .net
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work/Culture Education, health, mental health, youth, community 612-874-1412
Chicano Latino Affairs Council
St. Paul, MN
Government Advocacy, Chicano, Latino, community referrals 651-296-9587
Community Neighborhood Housing Services*
St. Paul, MN
Community/Economic Development Home ownership, education, loans 651-292-8710
Comunidades Latinas Unidas en el Servicio (CLUES)
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Mental health, health, education, aging, employment Nichole Parsch
El Colegio Charter School
Minneapolis, MN
Education Spanish-language, Latino culture, youth, leadership 612-728-5728
Employment Action Center
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Employment, parenting, veterans, business services Samantha DeRooy
English Learning Center
Minneapolis, MN
Education Adult education, ESL/ELL, computer/skills training, homelessness Claudia Holt
Foundation for Immigrant Resources and Education
St. Paul, MN
Education Adult education, ESL/ELL, literacy, computer training Heather Cox
651-224-4728 x111,
Guadalupe Alternative Programs*
St. Paul, MN
Education Youth, adult literacy, leadership, mental health, employment 651-222-0757
Guatemalan Society of Minnesota
Roseville, MN
Arts/Culture Resource clearinghouse, bazaar, ties to Catholic mission Emiliano Chagil
HACER: Hispanic Advocacy and Comm. Empowerment Through Research*
Minneapolis, MN
Advocacy Research, Latino connection, lobbying 612-624-3326
Highland Mac-Groveland Family Center*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Multilingual, basic needs, education, youth leadership Janeth Guerra de Patino
(651) 690-1645
Hispanos en Minnesota: Youth-at-risk*
West St. Paul, MN
Health Chemical dependence, addiction, rehab 651-227-0831
Hmong American Partnership*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Refugee resettlement, education, senior resources, employment, youth leadership (651) 495-9160
Hmong Cultural Center
St. Paul, MN
Arts/Culture Multicultural education, Hmong literature, positive race relations Txongpao Lee (Executive Director)
(651) 917-9937,
Hmong Times
St. Paul, MN
Corporate Journalism, Hmong community connections 651-224-9395
Hmong Today
St. Paul, MN
Corporate Journalism, Hmong community connections Sang Moua (Business Manager)
Hope Community Inc
Minneapolis, MN
Community/Economic Development Affordable housing, public spaces, youth leadership, community engagement 612-874-8867
Immigrant Law Center of MN*
St. Paul, MN
Law Legal education, immigration legal services, sliding scale fees 651-641-1011
Ingber & Aronson, P.A.*
Minneapolis, MN
Law Immigration legal services, legal resources 612-339-0517
International Education Center
Minneapolis, MN
Education Adult ESL/ELL, employment, higher education preparation (612) 871-6350
International Institute of MN*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Positive race relations, refugee resettlement, ESL/ELL, Spanish classes, employment Katey Martin (Volunteer Coordinator)
651-647-0191 x 308,
Jane Addams School for Democracy*
St. Paul, MN
Education Multilingual, youth leadership, learning exchange, academic support, civic education Derek Johnson
La Escuelita
Minneapolis, MN
Education Latino, academic support, youth leadership 612-870-7057
La Oportunidad, Inc.*
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Latino culture, family education, youth programs, promotion of non-violence 612-872-6165
La Prensa de Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Corporate Spanish Language, Journalism 612-729-5900
Lao Family Community of MN, Inc.
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Hmong culture, ESL/ELL, family education, employment, advocacy 651-221-0069
Latino Economic Development Center
Minneapolis, MN
Community/Economic Development Latino business development, loan assistance 612-724-5332
LEAP English Academy*
St. Paul, MN
Education ESL/ELL, academic support, youth leadership, family education (651) 228-7706
Lutheran Social Services*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Children/family/senior/youth/disability services, financial counseling, adoption 651.642.5990
Main Street Project*
Minneapolis, MN
Community/Economic Development Rural community building, media justice, business development 612-879-7578
Metropolitan Economic Development Assoc. (MEDA)
Minneapolis, MN
Community/Economic Development Minority business development, loan assistance Louise Mageli (Marketing/Communications Asst.)
Midtown Global Market
Minneapolis, MN
Corporate Internationally-themed public market, small business growth Kimberly Hanna (Market Coordinator) 612-872-4041 x10
Minnesota Council of Churches - Refugee Services*
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Basic needs, education, employment, immigration services 612-870-3600
Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Advocacy, youth leadership, civic engagement, media justice 651-287-0660
Minnesota International Center
Minneapolis, MN
Advocacy Cultural education, international leadership, foreign policy 612-625-4421
Minnesota Internship Center Charter School*
Minneapolis, MN
Education ESL/ELL, alternative youth education, adult basic education Amy Libman
612-722-5416 x106
Minnesota Literacy Council: Hiawatha-Lake Learning Center*
St. Paul, MN
Education ESL/ELL, adult/youth education, citizenship Allison Runchey
651-645-2277 x219,
Model Cities*
St. Paul, MN
Health Primary health, mental health, social services, chemical dependence, housing assistance 651-632-8350
Multicultural Resource Center
St. Paul, MN
Arts/Culture Multicultural education/resources, art Jenny Eisele
Neighborhood House*
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Multilingual, basic needs, education, youth leadership 651-789-2500
Neighborhood Justice Center
St. Paul, MN
Law Criminal defense services 651-222-4703
New Americans Community Services
St. Paul, MN
Health/Economic Development African languages, primary health services, disability advocacy, employment, business development Sirad Osman (Executive Director)
Penumbra Theatre
St. Paul, MN
Arts/Culture African American culture, performing arts 651-224-3180
Pillsbury House Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
Arts/Culture Multicultural theater, peer education 612-825-0459�
Planned Parenthood Centro de Salud*
Minneapolis, MN
Health Spanish-language, multilingual, reproductive/sexual health 651-698-2401
Portico Healthnet
St. Paul, MN
Health Affordable health care, nonprofit 651-603-5100
Project Minnesota/Leon*
Minneapolis, MN
Service Abroad Community development, health, culture, education, agriculture 612-825-7436 (Rachel Ackland)
Ramsey Action Programs
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Energy assistance, child development/health/mental health 651-645-6445
Ronald M. Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
St. Paul, MN
Education Adult education, ESL/ELL, citizenship, employment 651-290-4822
Sabathani Community Center: Horizons Youth Program
Minneapolis, MN
Social Work Youth leadership and health, basic needs, education Bob Lay
Southside Medical Clinic* (formerly Green Central Clinic)
Minneapolis, MN
Health Medical services, sliding-scale fees 612-827-7181
Teatro del Pueblo
St. Paul, MN
Arts/Culture Non-profit, Latino culture, performing Christina Akers
United Cambodian Association of MN
St. Paul, MN
Social Work Cambodian culture, refugee services, youth/senior programs, mentorship, chemical dependence, legal services 651-222-3299
UNO Hispanic Advertising & Design
Minneapolis, MN
Corporate Art, design, Latino/Hispanic/Chicano culture, brand Carolina Ornelas (Office Manager)
612-874-1920 x12,
West Side Community Health Services
St. Paul, MN
Health Multilingual, education, medicine, community-based Maritza De Jesus