Access Justice
Non-Profit Legal support for communities who face difficulties accessing legal aid
Advocates for Human Rights, The*
Non-profit Legal representation, human rights, community education, training 612-341-3302
Allen H. Gibas, P.A.*
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, family law, consumer protection, probate/estate planning 612-821-0528
Appelget Law Office*
St. Paul
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, consumer telecommunication law, copyrights, trademarks, consumer protection 651-224-5079
Baillon Thome, Jozwiak and Wanta LLP*
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, workplace rights, employment discrimination, class action suits 612-252-3570
Battered Women's Justice Project*
Government/Non-profit Domestic abuse prevention, training, community education 612-824-8768
Blackwell Burke P.A.*
Corporate Legal representation, diversity, products liability, labor law, IP, food industry, class action, commercial law 612-343-3266
Briggs and Morgan, P.A.*
Minneapolis and St. Paul
Corporate (large firm) Legal representation, civil law Minneapolis: 612-977-8400
St. Paul: 651-808-6600
Center for Homicide Research (CHR)
Non-profit GLBT homicide 612-331-4820
Children's Law Center of MN
St. Paul
Non-profit Legal representation, wards of the state, foster children 651-644-4438
City of Minneapolis*
Government Public safety, civil ordinances, represent city 612-673-2282
Conflict Resolution Center
Non-profit At-risk youth, discipline, restorative justice 612-822-9883
Council on Crime and Justice
Non-profit Offender services, alternative sanctions, victims' rights, restorative justice 612-353-3000
Domestic Abuse Project*
Non-profit Legal advocacy, community advocacy, preventing domestic abuse, counseling, training, community education 612-874-7063
Eric C. Nelson, Attorney*
Corporate (small office) Family law 612-321-9402
Faegre and Benson LLC*
Corporate (large firm) Legal representation, full range of services, international, sustainability 612-766-7000
Felhaber Larson
Minneapolis and St. Paul
Corporate (large firm) legal representation, full range of services Minneapolis: 612-339-6321
St. Paul: 651-222-6321
Fourth Judicial District
Government Hennepin County Court Tohmas Pohl
Friedman Iverson (Formerly Todd M. Murray & Associates, PLLC*)
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, debt collections, consumer advocacy 612-564-4025
Halunen & Associates
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, workplace rights, employment discrimination, class action suits 612-605-4098
Hennepin County Attorney's Office*
Government Adult felony crimes, juvenile offenses, appeals, white-collar crimes, community-focused prosecution, etc. 612-348-5550
Hennepin County Public Defender*
Government Legal representation, criminal, juvenile delinquency, child protection 612-348-7530
Housing Discrimination Law Project/MN Disability Law Center
Non-profit Equal housing rights, low-income clients, legal representation, advocacy, public policy 612-332-1441
Housing Preservation Project
St. Paul
Non-profit Affordable housing, demolition, foreclosure 651-642-0102
ILPM Group (Intellectual Property)*
Corporate (small office) Intellectual property, patent applications, trademarks 612-331-7400
Immigrant Law Center of MN
St. Paul
Non-profit Legal representation, immigration law, low-income, immigrant, refugee, community education 651-641-1011
Innocence Project of MN
St. Paul
Non-profit Legal representation, legal education, advocacy, forensic science 651-523-3152
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Nonprofit Sustainability, policy 612-870-0453
International Institute of MN
St. Paul
Non-profit Immigration law and services Faith Loggers-Jamnik at
International Women's Rights Action Watch - U of M
Non-profit International resource and communications center, human rights of women, advocacy Marsha Freeman
Jeff Anderson and Associates*
St. Paul
Corporate Sexual abuse, professional malpractice, civil rights, workplace harassment/discrimination 651-227-9990
Joint Religious Legistlative Coalition
Non-profit Social justice, policy research, campaigns Jennifer B. Nelson, Statewide Organizer612-230-3232
Kueppers, Kronschnabel & Daly*
St. Paul
Corporate (small office) Legal representation 651-222-5000
Law Enforcement Labor Services*
St. Paul
Union/Trade Assoc. Legal representation, law enforcement personnel 651-293-4424
Law Offices of Martin A. Carlson, Ltd.*
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, consumer protection, DWI defense, civil appeals 612-359-0400
Legal Aid Society of MN*
Non-profit Legal representation, low-income, elderly, disabled, advocacy, community education 612-332-1441
Legal Rights Center*
Non-profit Legal representation, adult and juvenile criminal defense, restorative justice practices, advocacy, reduced cost for low-income people and people of color 612-337-0030
Lutheran Social Service of MN
St. Paul
Non-profit Refugee services, settlement status 651-642-5990
Madia Law, LLC
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, business litigation, consumer fraud, civil rights Mr. J. Ashwin Madia
Messerli & Kramer*
St. Paul and Minneapolis
Corporate (large firm) Banking/Finance, business, collections, family law, employment, government relations, etc. Minneapolis: 612-672-3600
St. Paul: 651-228-9757
MN Attorney General's Office*
St. Paul
Government Represents state, felony criminal appeals, interpreting statutes, consumer protection, antitrust enforcement 651-296-3353
MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
St. Paul
Government Prevent and solve crimes; works with law enforcement, public safety, and other criminal justice agencies 651-793-7000
MN Coalition for Battered Women*
St. Paul
Non-profit Women, lobbying, monitor legislative committees, policy issues 651-646-6177
MN Council of Churches: Refugee Services
Non-profit Immigration, refugees, resettlement, naturalization 612-870-3600
MN Court of Appeals*
St. Paul
Government Legal appeals 651-296-6043
MN Department of Corrections
St. Paul
Government Probation, restorative justice, special investigations Main Switchboard
Human Resources Management: 651-361-7300
MN Hospital Association*
St. Paul
Union/Trade Assoc. Hospital interests, advocacy, community education, information resource 651-641-1121
MN House of Representatives*
St. Paul
Government Drafting legislation, lobbying, campaigning, constituent services (often more relaxed and personal than the Senate) 651-296-7452
MN Juvenile Court
Government Legal minors, delinquency cases, child protection 612-348-4822
MN Pollution Control Agency*
St. Paul
Government Environmental quality, enforcing environmental regulations, statewide policy, community education, conservation 651-296-6300
MN Schools Employees Association*
St. Paul
Union/Trade Assoc. Services and resources for union employees, negotiation 651-227-3623
MN Senate
St. Paul
Government Drafting legislation, lobbying, campaigning, constituent services, outreach 651-296-0504
MN Women Lawyers
Non-profit Professional and leadership development, social action initiatives, anti-discrimination, female equality 612-338-3205
Monroe Moxness Berg*
Corporate Business law, corporate finance, IP, franchise, distribution 952-885-5999
Neighborhood Justice Center, Inc.
500 Laurel Ave St. Paul, MN 55102
Non-profit Non-profit law firm provides criminal defense services to low income persons; assists in receiving fair and equitable treatment in court of law. 651-222-4703
Peters & Peters, PLC
Glenwood, MN
Corporate (small office) Legal representation, environment/business/real estate/civil/administrative/etc. law 320-634-3778
R. Mark Frey, Attorney at Law
St. Paul
Practicing Attorney Immigration, political asylum, naturalization, students, religious workers, etc. R. Mark Frey
Ramsey/Hennepin County Courts and Corrections (link leads to Ramsey Co. Corrections)*
St. Paul, Minneapolis, etc. (Ramsey Co.)
Government Juvenile justice, family court, domestic issues, victim/witness programs, research etc. 651-266-2670
Restorative Justice
1201 Marquette Avenue Suite 330 Minneapolis, MN 55403 #
Non-profit Community organization bringing together small groups of drug offenders and community members to show the impact of the offenses on the community. 612-746-0780
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, LLP*
Corporate (large firm) Legal representation, variety of areas Martha Capper, Recruiting Administrator
Southern MN Regional Legal Services*
St. Paul
Non-profit Legal representation, access to the courts, ensure equal opportunities, low-income Central Office: 651-222-5863
General: 651-228-9823
State of MN Board of Public Defense*
Government Public defense, criminal, juvenile delinquency, child protection cases 612-349-2565
Tubman (merged with Chrysalis)*
Non-profit Women/children/families, low-cost programs, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, poverty, chemical addiction Harriet Tubman Center West: 612-825-3333
Tubman's Chrysalis Center: 612-871-0118
U.S. Attorney's Office - District of MN*
Minneapolis and St. Paul
Government Judicial district Minneapolis: 612-664-5600
St. Paul: 651-848-1950
U.S. District Court - District of MN
St. Paul
Government Civil/criminal trials 612-664-5000
U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
Government Enforcement, policy 612-335-4040
Volunteer Lawyers Network*
Non-profit Civil legal representation, low-income, bankruptcy screening 612-752-6655
Volunteers of America, MN - Legal Services
Non-profit Estate and Elder Law Services 612-676-6300
Non-profit Sexual violence, court research and monitoring, advocacy Anna Light, Volunteer Coordinator
612-341-2747 x7