Macalester College conducts a variety of surveys to assess student learning and inform program development. The survey calendar lists all known surveys of students conducted by administrative offices during the current academic year.
Macalester College Survey Calendar

Survey results by general topic are listed below. While some survey results are available to the general public, others may be restricted to use by the Macalester community only.

Surveys of First-Year Students

  • CIRP Freshman Survey
    Institutional Research Office, attitudes and expectations of new first-years
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
    Institutional Research, college engagement for first-years and seniors
  • Research Practices Survey
    Assessment Office, library research skills and attitudes of new students before and after their first semester
  • Macalester Assessment Instrument
    Assessment Office, perceptions of internationalism and multiculturalism
  • Orientation Evaluation
    Campus Programs, evaluation of New Student Orientation
  • Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
    Assessment Office, longitudinal assessment critical thinking and writing skills of first-years and seniors
  • Freshman Study Habits
    MAX Center, freshman study habits and use of the MAX Center

Surveys of All Students

  • College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CSEQ)
    Institutional Research, college engagement for all degree-seeking students
  • Civic Engagement Questionnaire
    Civic Engagement Center, student participation in volunteering, political campaigns, etc.
  • National Internship and Co-op Study
    Internship Office, student expectations and experiences as they relate to internships and cooperative education
  • Study Abroad Program Evaluations
    International Center, assessment of study abroad programs when students return
  • Campus Life Student Learning Survey
    Campus Programs, student self-assessment related to Campus Life learning outcomes
  • Campus Labs Surveys
    Campus Programs, student surveys on a variety of topics such as diversity, safety, and campus activities
  • National College Health Assessment
    Health and Wellness Center, behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions of health topics such as stress, sleep, or alcohol use, and impediments to academic peformance

Surveys of Seniors

  • HEDS Senior Survey
    Institutional Research, future plans, college experiences, and growth in skills of seniors
  • Graduating Class Survey
    Career Development Center, learning outcomes, future employment and education plans two weeks before graduation
  • College Senior Survey (CSS)
    Institutional Research, college experiences and satisfaction with their education
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
    Institutional Research, college engagement for first years and seniors
  • Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
    Assessment Office, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and writing skills of first years and seniors

Surveys of Graduates

  • HEDS Alumni Survey
    Institutional Research, activities since graduation and evaluation of their Macalester education five years later
  • Graduates After Three Years
    Institutional Research, advanced degrees pursued by graduates as reported by their parents three years later
  • Advanced Degrees Pursued by Graduates
    Institutional Research, advanced degrees pursued by graduates collected from a variety of sources over the years

Surveys of Faculty and Staff