Graduates After Three Years

Since 1999, the Institutional Research Office has been surveying the parents of Macalester graduates to see what their sons or daughters are doing 3 years after graduation. Parents received a short letter asking specifically about advanced degrees pursued by their son or daughter with a stamped return envelope. If there was no response from the parents, email was sent to the graduate. Response rates for these surveys in the last nine years range from 53% to 69%. Parents were surveyed instead of graduates because they move less often, so surveys were more likely to reach their destination. Hopefully parents were not as busy as the graduates, and would be more likely to respond. In addition, parents generally welcome sharing what their sons or daughters are doing.

The last five years of surveys show higher percentages of graduates pursuing advanced degrees within 3 years of graduation. Previous surveys generally showed about half of the graduates pursuing degrees. Since 2007, the surveys have consistently showed about 60% of the graduates enrolling in advanced degree programs.