Filing Your Tax Returns

Note: The following guide is applicable only to non-residents whose presence in the U.S. does not exceed 5 years.

If you are a U.S. permanent resident or non-resident who has lived in the U.S. for more than 5 years, do not follow the steps below. The tax tutors at International Student Programs will assist you in filing your federal and state tax.

  1. Go to
  2. You need a password to begin using the GLACIER Tax Prep software. The password should have been sent to you in an email. If you did not receive the email or have deleted it, email
  3. Using your W-2(s), statement on taxable grant aid from the Financial Aid Office, and, if applicable, the 1042s, 1099, 1098 forms, follow the on screen instructions from GLACIER Tax Prep. Be sure to use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page instead of your internet browser’s navigation buttons.
  4. Below are some answers to questions where students have trouble with:

    a. Original date of entry into the U.S.:
    (Refer to the stamp on your passport or I-20)

    b. How long have you been present in the U.S.? Count the number of days you have been away from the country by referring to the entry/exit stamps on your passports. If you are having trouble with the dates, make estimates to the best of your ability. An estimate within 10 days of your actual departure or entry dates should be good enough.

    c. Passport country/Country of Tax residence:
    For most people, the country of tax residence is the same as the passport country. Contact us if you are not sure about your situation.

    d. What income forms/statements did you receive?
    i. Form W-2 (one for each employer), if you worked in the U.S. in the past year.
    ii. Scholarship letter from Financial Aid, if you received a scholarship/grant from Macalester
    iii. Form 1040S, if your scholarship includes room and board expenses at Macalester

    e. Enter the Name of the Director of the Academic Program in Which You Participated:
    Aaron Colhapp
    Phone Number: 651-696-6078

    f. Have you ever filed a U.S. income tax return?
    Answer “
    Yes” if you filed last year (i.e. sophomores, juniors and seniors)
    i. Which income tax return did you file?
    For most people, it was “Form 1040NR-EZ”

  5. When finished, print out 3 copies of your 1040NR-EZ and 8843, and 2 copies of the scholarship statement. Date and sign the forms.
  6. Mail a copy of your 1040NR-EZ, 8843, Copy B of W-2(s) and scholarship statement before the April 15 deadline to:

    Internal Revenue Service Center
    Austin, TX 73301-0215
  7. Keep a set of copies for your own record.
  8. Contact your assigned tax tutor to set up a time to come in to International Student Programs to file your Minnesota state tax. Refer to the international student tax tutor work schedule for your tax tutor's office hours. Unable to come due to study abroad? Click here
  9. Bring your W-2, the third copy of your 1040NR-EZ and 8843, Certificate of Rent Paid (if you rented off-campus in the past year) to the tax tutoring session at International Student Programs.
  10. Since your scholarship is considered part of your income when filing property taxes, in most cases, you get zero property tax refund. For further explanation, visit

After you're done filing, check the status of your
federal, MN state income and property tax refunds online

Study Abroad international students:

Download the following MN state tax forms

  • M1 and Form M1 instructions
  • M1W

Below are tutorials for filling out the M1 and M1W forms

Mail the following before the April 15 deadline to the address at the bottom:

  1. M1 (signed)
  2. M1W
  3. A copy of your 1040NR-EZ (signed)
  4. Scholarship Letter (signed) or 1042-S Copy D
  5. M1NR if you did an out-of-state internship
  6. M60 and check (only if you owe the state money)

Minnesota Income Tax,
St. Paul, MN 55145-0010