The Ametrica Project brings domestic and international first-year students together to promote the development of greater intercultural sensitivity through dialogue and a series of ephemeral escapades. 

The Ametrica Project begins with all member participating in Pre-Orientation for International Students (PO4IS). This requires that Domestic participants arrive on Monday, August 24, and participate in all PO4IS activities alongside their international peers until all student orientation begins. Weekly meetings take place on every Thursday afternoon(4:30 pm-6:30 pm) in the first 7 weeks of Fall semester.

This is the sixth year of the Ametrica Project. The most important aspect is for dialogue about diverse issues to take place among students from around the world – allowing students to look at these issues through different lenses. Facilitated by the Department of International Student Programs (ISP), this out-of-classroom program is both theoretical and experiential. Ametrica explores diverse cultural similarities and differences. Each student in the program will work in small groups (4-8) with Ametrica facilitators. The Ametrica facilitators will organize weekly programs in conjunction with Macalester faculty, staff and institutions around the Twin Cities during the fall semester. Topics explored will include, but not be limited to, family, peace, politics, law and order, economics, health, race and love. Ideally, international and US students will be equally represented as participants within the program as in past years.

Participants will build valuable international relationships through Ametrica, which can be a critical stepping-stone for the rest of your experiences during and after your time at Macalester College. Both domestic and international Ametrica participants are assigned ISP mentors and participate in various activities within diverse international groups (check the Mentor Program link for details). The program will include several trips to off-campus locations for small group meetings. The meetings will both be at interesting locations in the Twin Cities and homes of alumni, faculty and administrators. Our goal is for each participant to go to with a different group of students on each journey. The planned outings include going to a location in the arts (e.g., museum, theater, concert), a surprise location, the home of an alum(na), and home of a member of the Macalester faculty or staff.

Ametrica Program Schedule of Events 2015

Apply to Ametrica! Deadline: June 24, 2015, 5:00 pm Central Standard Time (GMT-6)