What is involved in being a host?

Unlike many host family programs, FoMIS does not involve a homestay. Rather, the host is the student's link to the larger Twin Cities community, providing them with a glimpse of life outside the Macalester campus. As a host, you might invite your student to your home for a meal, explore the Twin Cities together, introduce the student to your friends and family, talk on the phone, remember birthdays and other special occasions, attend Macalester events together. The time commitment does not need to be great, and the reward can be tremendous! The amount of time each host and student spend together varies, depending on the time schedules of both. On an average, most hosts and students get together about once a month. We ask for an initial commitment of one academic year, at which time hosts and students are asked to indicate whether they wish to continue in the program for the following year. (Almost everybody does!)

There are several group activities planned throughout the year, including our welcome reception in September, an international potluck and culture night in February, attending plays and sporting events as a group, community service projects, and more.

Who are the Macalester International Students?

Our students are a tremendously diverse group, hailing from over 80 countries. Most of them will spend four years at Macalester pursuing undergraduate degrees, although there are a few on shorter exchange programs, or who transfer to Macalester from other institutions as sophomores or juniors.

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