Mentor Program

The International Student Programs Mentor Program selects returning U.S. and international students to serve as mentors to incoming international students. International students will meet their mentors during orientation and will consult with them regularly throughout the semester. Mentors will provide a student’s perspective on both academic and personal life at Macalester. Their job is to help international students feel comfortable at Macalester and answer their questions about policies and procedures related to life in the residence halls, campus facilities, registration and academic procedures, as well as questions about U.S. culture and off-campus opportunities in the Twin Cities Metro community.


                                                                   The 2014 ISP Mentors are:

Rachel Swanson, (Class of 2015) is a senior from Lexington, Kentucky, majoring in Hispanic Studies and Anthropology with an American Studies minor. At Macalester, she enjoys volunteering off campus in a first grade classroom. She loves traveling, hiking, exploring, and Macalester College!!

Alexa Peters Posner, (Class of 2016) is a junior from Telluride, Colorado. She loves spending time in the sun, hiking, skiing, learning new languages and about cultures, and meeting new people! Alexa is majoring in International Studies and American Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. At Mac she also works in the ISP office, volunteers, does yoga, and tries to go on as many random adventures as possible.

Joseph Vandy Sengeh, (Class of 2016) is from Sierra Leone. He is a member of the lives of Commitment group, the AfriKa student organization, Habitat for Humanity, Macalester Global Ambassadors, Macalester’s track and field team. He also applied for and won the Davies Project for Peace. He is highly considering Chemistry and Mathematics as a major.

Annie Gavin, (class of 2015) is from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is currently undecided, but plans to major in the social sciences-possibly Sociology or Urban Studies. Annie started working at ISP in Spring 2012.

Anissa Abdel-Jelil, (Class of 2015) is a senior who moved from Geneva, Switzerland. At Macalester, she is a member of the Sirens (the all female a capella group on campus), the Multifaith Council, and Afrika! club. She is majoring in Anthropology, minoring in Studio Art, and concentrating in Human Rights and Humanitarianism.

Simon Sanggaard, (class of 2015) is a senior from Holbæk, Denmark. He is a member of the extremely talented, super ambitious and near-legendary Men's Water Polo team (club level). He is majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience Studies. If you're interested in how to say weird things in Danish, this is the person you should talk to!

John Sankara, (class of 2015) is originally from Nairobi, Kenya but has lived in South Africa for two years while a student at African Leadership Academy in the outskirts of Johannesburg. He is majoring in Economics at Macalester and is a member of Macalester Men's Rugby Club and Afrika!. He recently took up soccer and pool, which he enjoys playing with friends. Sankara also loves reading and just finished the Pulitzer-winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

Emily Horecki, (class of 2015) is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and is majoring in Hispanic Studies with a minor in Linguistics. She is also pursuing a pre-med track! She previously has worked a Spanish immersion camp and spent the majority of last year living in Mexico teaching English and taking classes at the local university. In her free time she likes to go for walks, eat chocolate and travel. Emily started working for ISP in Spring 2012.

Jake Speirs, (class of 2016) is a junior from Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Jake is planning on majoring in International Studies as well as Chinese. He is leaving the United States for the first time this summer to visit the beautiful country of Norway! He can't wait to study abroad in Hangzhou, China in Spring, 2015. Jake started working for ISP in the summer of 2013.

Melissa Leong, (class of 2017) is a sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is majoring in "I don't know, probably Economics" and is part of Macalester's Students for a Free Tibet charter and samosa-loving MASECA.  She loves playing Cards Against Humanities, petting other people's dogs and getting lost on her trusty bike. She spent her last two years of high school on a hill in India and has continuously scoured the Twin Cities for a good cup of chai ever since.

Ashlyn (Nell) Tooley, (class of 2017) is from Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in Denver, Nell loves to travel and experience different cultures! She is a double major in International Studies and Hispanic Studies and hopes to join the Peace Corps after graduation. In her spare time, Nell lifeguards and is a member of ACLU.

Merrit Stüven, (class of 2017) is originally from Munich, Germany. However, Merrit spent her middle and high school years moving back and forth between Munich and Minneapolis. She plans on majoring in Political Science with either a minor or double major in Economics. She is also a tour guide here at Mac and works at ISP. She is very excited for her first year as a mentor.

Brett Campbell, (class of 2015) is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is double majoring in neuroscience studies and psychology. At Macalester, Brett is dedicated to Macalester’s mock trial team, and coaches a local high school team as well. When not doing mock trial, Brett is busy managing the neuroscience lab, researching with the rats, cooking, and spending time with his favorite and tailless feline friend Lumus. He hopes to go abroad for graduate school and continue to study neuroscience.

RowenaRowena Foo, (class of 2016) is a junior from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a Psychology major and Economics minor. She is a native trilingual, and has been learning Mandarin, English and Malay her whole life. Two years ago, she started learning Spanish. A fun fact about her is that she is the host daughter of the Dean of Students, Jim Hoppe! She loves exploring Minnesota and is still learning new things about American culture everyday. Her hobbies include scrapbooking and she recently started picking up kickboxing.

Stephanie Fernandez, (class of 2017) is from Miami, Florida. She is majoring in psychology and is considering a linguistics minor. She is very proud of her Cuban background and is always happy to share her guava paste with others. She enjoys interpretative dance and browsing Youtube.

Sunakshi Wadhwa,
(class of 2017) is a sophomore from Chandigarh, India. She is planning on double-majoring in Economics and Psychology. She is involved with Macalester Consulting Group. She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures, and has lived in many corners of India and China. Her hobbies are sleeping, eating and getting to know people.

Gina Marie Storch, (class of 2017) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her parents are from Germany and she has spent many summers there with family. Gina Marie is currently undeclared, but interested in psychology and anthropology. At Mac, she is involved in Mac Activists for Reproductive Justice, FIA*STARSA, and the ACLU chapter. She also volunteers at Partnership Academy.

Siyan (Janice) Zhang, (class of 2017) is from Shenzhen, China. Her family is originally from Hunan, China and immigrated to Shenzhen in 1980s, so her family keeps a lot of Hunan traditions, such as the Hunan dialect and delicious spicy food! She plans to major in Econ and Art. Meanwhile, she also started to learn Spanish at Mac. She is an art enthusiast and likes drawing and photography a lot. She is a member of the Art Alliance and Chinese Culture Club (CCC). She started to work for ISP in Spring 2014. 

Luiza Montesanti, (class of 2015) is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is majoring in Political Science with minors in Economics and French, and a concentration in International Development - although she probably dedicates most of her time at Macalester to the magnificent African Music Ensemble. Last year she spent a semester in France, where she tried to make progress towards her (unlikely) goal of speaking all romance languages. She also really enjoys photography and will probably try to take a picture of you in the sun.

Emma Cederlund, (class of 2015) is a rising senior from Stockholm, Sweden, majoring in International Studies and Political Science. She has declared a Human Rights and Humanitarian concentration and is interning within the field outside of Mac. This summer she will be exploring the Twin Cities, better late than never, and interning at the American Refugee Committee. She loves to travel, to meet new people and her mission in life is to find adventures whenever and wherever she can.

Vaishnavi Madhavan, (class of 2017)  graduated from Mahindra UWC in 2013 and is currently a sophomore at Macalester. She was born in India and recently moved to Dubai. She plans to major in Neuroscience and do a minor in Studio Art. Vaishnavi is always up for a good adventure and lives by Dr. Seuss' quote: "If you haven't you should, these things are fun and fun is good!"

Di Cui, (class of 2017) is a sophomore Anthropology and Art History double major. She was born in Beijing, China, and has lived there for over 19 years. She’s a great fan of Japanese anime and manga, and is always eager to talk with other anime fans. She is a member of Highland Camerata and Mac Pics, and enjoys her volunteer work at SPNN. She can’t wait for her first summer in Minnesota and to welcome all of you as a mentor soon.

Qisheng Li, (class of 2017) is a sophomore from Beijing, China. She is planning on double majoring in Math and Economics. She loves traveling, running and roller-skating, and always spends a lot of time watching sport games. She is also a member of Chinese Culture Club (CCC). She is so excited to meet all the freshmen soon.

10495302_4515377740290_3733223205654038279_o.jpg Delia Walker-Jones, (class of 2017) is a sophomore from Reno, NV. She's majoring in Geography with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilizations. In her free time she reads, knits, and watches entirely too much Netflix. She spent her summer working in the Employment Services office helping all first students get their work-study jobs, and she's very excited to be spending time with so many new, interesting international students!

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