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Alexa (1).jpgAlexa Peters Posner, Program Assistant, (class of 2016) is from a tiny but awesome ski town called Telluride, Colorado. She is majoring in International Studies and American Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She spent a year of high school in Sweden with Rotary Youth Exchange because she loves learning languages, immersing herself in new cultures, and meeting/getting to know new people! Alexa started working for ISP in Spring 2013.

 IMG_.jpgJake Speirs, (class of 2016) is a senior from Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He has spent the past sixth months running around China desperately attempting to improve his Mandarin. Jake is an International Studies and Chinese double major. When he's not working at ISP or drowning himself in coffee from the IGC, Jake can be found napping in any one of the many comfy armchairs scattered around campus. He can't wait to meet this year's incoming class, and can't believe this is already his third and final year as a mentor! 

Siyan Zhang.JPGSiyan (Janice) Zhang, Program Assistant, (class of 2017) is from Shenzhen, China. Her family is originally from Hunan, China and immigrated to Shenzhen in 1980s, so her family keeps a lot of Hunan traditions, such as the Hunan dialect and delicious spicy food! She plans to major in Econ and Art. Meanwhile, she also started to learn Spanish at Mac. She is an art enthusiast and likes drawing and photography a lot. She is a member of the Art Alliance and Chinese Culture Club (CCC). She started to work for ISP in Spring 2014. 

Merrit.JPGMerrit Stüven, Program Assistant, (class of 2017) is originally from Munich, Germany. However, Merrit spent her middle and high school years moving back and forth between Munich and Minneapolis. She plans on majoring in Political Science with either a minor or double major in Economics. She is also a tour guide here at Mac. Merrit started working for ISP in the Spring of 2014. 

Dongmin P.jpgDongmin Park, Program Assistant, (Class of 2018) is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She spent her whole life living in different countries, including Japan, Sri Lanka, Chicago, Qatar, and Egypt. Dongmin plans on majoring in Computer Science and International Studies. She enjoys playing her tuba, eating strawberries, dancing, and playing on the swings.


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Paul Chery, Program Assistant (Class of 2018) is originally from Nancy, France.  He moved to Peoria, Arizona in 2009.  Paul plans on majoring in Physics and Computer Science but is also interested in learning languages and philosophy. During his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and taking pictures.  Paul started working for ISP in the spring of 2015.

You can also email us at or call us at 651-696-6992.

                                              ISP Student Staff Schedule Summer 2014

09:30-10:00 Emily Emily Merrit, Paul
10:00-10:30 Emily Emily Merrit, Paul
10:30-11:00 Emily Merrit Emily Merrit, Emily, Paul
11:00-11:30 Annie, Merrit, Emily Annie,  Anne, Merrit, Emily, Paul Annie
11:30-12:00 Annie, Merrit, Emily Annie Anne, Merrit, Emily Annie
12:00-12:30 Simon Staff Meeting Annie Anne, Merrit Simon
12:30-13:00 Simon Staff Meeting Annie Merrit Simon, Emily, Paul
13:00-13:30 Simon Merrit, John Paul Merrit, John Simon, Emily, Paul
13:30-14:00 Simon Merrit, John Paul Merrit, John Simon, Emily, Paul
14:00-14:30 Simon Merrit, John Paul John Simon, Emily, Paul
14:30-15:00 John, Janice, Dongmin, Simon Merrit, John John, Dongmin, Paul John Simon, Janice, Emily, Dongmin, Paul
15:00-15:30 John, Janice, Dongmin, Simon John, Janice John, Dongmin, Paul John, Janice,  Emily, Annie, Janice, Dongmin, Paul, John
15:30-16:00 John, Janice, Dongmin, Simon John, Janice John, Dongmin, Paul John, Janice,  Emily, Annie, Janice, Dongmin, Paul, John
16:00-16:30 John, Janice, Dongmin John, Janice John, Dongmin, Paul John, Janice,  Annie, Janice, Dongmin, Paul, John
16:30-17:00 John, Janice John, Janice John Janice Dongmin