Current Student Techlist

Technology Checklist for Current Students 

Welcome to campus! It's never too early or late to find out all you can about technology. Use this checklist as a guide to campus computing and online resources.

 Know how to contact ITS for technology help
 Register laptop, tablet, smartphone, and gaming consoles for network use
 Remember wireless key to access macalester-student wi-fi
 Read email
 Request phone for res hall room (optional)
✓ Locate the nearest public computer lab
✓ Download software for class
✓ Sign up for Mac Alert
✓ Find out how sharing music and movies could get internet connection turned off

Know how to contact ITS for technology help | search tech FAQ | | 651-696-6525

Search for answers, call, chat or email to the ITS Help Desk for assistance. Visit the Library front desk or the ITS Help Desk in 316 Neill Hall for technology help.


register device | secure device | wireless and wired network   

All computers, smartphones, tablets, iPads, and game consoles must be registered before connecting to the wireless and wired network. Wireless is available in the residence halls. Each room is also equipped with one ethernet jack for each resident so you can get the speediest connection. Bonus: ethernet cables available at no cost to students.

Remember wireless key to access Macalester-student wi-fi

Use the wireless key (password) to connect to Macalester-student. Pick up a free Ethernet cable at the ITS Help Desk to get the fastest wired connection in your res hall room for watching movies!

Read email

Faculty, Registrar, Dean of Students, and ITS are just a few of the departments on campus that send vital information to your inbox. Check your email often!

Request phone for res hall room (optional)

res hall phone request form | set up voice mail account | online directory | dialing instructions

Use a public campus phone to dial 911 and any campus or local phone number. There are 11 things students should know about on-campus phone service for your room. There is no charge for this service. If you want a phone and voice mail, all you have to do is ask!

Locate the nearest public computer lab

public computer labs | humanities resource center | department labs | labstats

Use a computer (Windows or Mac OS) at one of the public labs to check your email, write a paper, practice a foreign language, or edit a movie. Some are open 24 hours. Printing is also available.

Download software for class

software download |  purchase software at a discount

Required software for a class is available for students to download at no cost. Purchase software, like Microsoft Office, at a discount from the Highlander – The Shop at Macalester's online vendor. Public and departmental computer labs are equipped with the software you need for course work.

Sign up for Mac Alert

mac alert signup

Register your mobile-phone number or email address with the college's Emergency Notification System, Mac Alert, and receive critical campus safety information. Check with your service provider for text messaging rates.

Should you accidentally call 911 from a campus phone, please stay on the line and tell the operator you misdialed. It is the policy of 911 to follow up on all calls, unless confirmed otherwise.

Find out how sharing music and movies could get Internet connection turned off

Information Technology Responsible Use  |  Filesharing  |  Digital Copyright Violations

Find out what it means to be a responsible user of technology services. Locate legal resources for online movies, television shows, and music. When students violate copyright laws, owners take action.