Moodle Archive is a copy of previous semesters’ Moodle courses. Use these archives as a reference only. Faculty may use the archives as a comparison when creating new Moodle course sites or to copy resources for current courses.

Moodle Archives List

List of past Moodle courses from the last 5 years.
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
2015-16 Moodle Archive Fall 2015 Moodle Archive Spring 2016
2014-15 Moodle Archive Fall 2014 Moodle Archive Spring 2015
2013-14 Moodle Archive Fall 2013 Moodle Archive Spring 2014
2012-13 Moodle Archive Fall 2012 Moodle Archive Spring 2013
2011-12 Moodle Archive Fall 2011 Moodle Archive Spring 2012

Current Moodle Courses

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