Exiting Employee Techlist


✓ Discuss with your supervisor what to do with your Macalester email account as well as hardware, software, and data that should stay with Macalester 
Transfer the ownership of Google Docs to another Macalester account     
Transfer Gooogle Sites ownership to another Macalester account
✓ Transfer ownership of departmental email accounts
✓ Download personal Google Apps and Google Apps Extras data that you would like to take with you
✓ Copy any personal fileserver and Web files to personal storage device
✓ Check other Accounts & Services for files worth keeping
✓ Review ownership of Argos scheduled reports
✓ Review and delete any voice mail messages; voice mail account will be deleted one day after your departure

How to keep personal data

Macalester accounts (e.g., Google Apps, 1600grand, Moodle, etc.) will be closed as of the last day of employment. If any of your email, Macalester Google Apps data or shared-drive files need to be shared, make sure to do so before the accounts are closed.

Forward and Copy EMAIL

  • Consider forwarding the exiting employee's macalester.edu email to another account. Email can be forwarded until the account is closed.  Email forwarding instructions
  • Use Google’s Mail Fetcher tool to copy existing email to another Gmail account. It can take up to a week to migrate all mail.  Mail Fetcher instructions 



    • Copy any files from the Academic or Admin fileserver (the H:, G:, and M: drives) to another medium, including a flash drive, external hard drive, CD, Webstorage, etc.
    • Copy any files located in your public.www folder to another medium to keep them.


      ✓ Prepare for employee's Macalester accounts closing, usually the last day of employment, unless Employment Services approves and arranges a limited extension
      ✓ Confirm the transfer of ownership of Google Docs and share ownership of Google Sites from exiting employee to another Macalester account
      ✓ Request ownership transfer of Shared Drive files
      ✓ Verify the migration of data from other Accounts & Services worth keeping
      ✓ Remove employee's email address from the department's Multi-Function Device (MFD) scan-to-email addressbook
      ✓ Decide what will happen with the computer and its data left behind by the exiting employee
      ✓ Refer exiting employee to Exiting Employee Techlist