Supervisor Techlist

New Employee Techlist – Supervisor 

✓ Determine computer hardware needs
✓ Determine software needs
✓ Determine phone and voice mail needs
✓ Confirm creation of Macalester account credentials
✓ Confirm Shared Drives access
✓ Confirm membership on department listservs, moodlegroups, and Google Groups, if applicable
✓ Add employee's email address to the department's Multi-Function Device (MFD) scan-to-email addressbook
✓ Refer new employee to New Employee Techlist 
✓ Contact the ITS Help Desk at   or 651-696-6525 if you need assistance with any of the above items 

Exiting Employee Techlist – Supervisor

✓ Prepare for employee's Macalester accounts closing, usually the last day of employment, unless Employment Services approves and arranges a limited extension
✓ Confirm the transfer of ownership of Google Docs and share ownership of Google Sites from exiting employee to another Macalester account
✓ Request ownership transfer of Shared Drive files
✓ Verify the migration of data from other Accounts & Services worth keeping
✓ Remove employee's email address from the department's Multi-Function Device (MFD) scan-to-email addressbook
✓ Decide what will happen with the computer and its data left behind by the exiting employee
✓ Refer exiting employee to Exiting Employee Techlist