For Computer Replacement Fund (CRF)-eligible equipment, ITS will contact you via email during the year of eligibility to notify you and offer you choices among preferred computer configurations for your replacement. You may also describe any needs you may have for equipment that exceeds these configurations.

How can I tell how old my computer is?

Look for the Macalester ID sticker on your computer. These are red-and-white tags reading Property of Macalester College that include a five-digit number. They will be affixed to the CPU, not the monitor. Compare the ID number of your device with the ranges given below:

23278 to 23750 2012-2013
23751 to 24236 2013-2014
24237 to 24697 2014-2015
24698 to 25240 2015-2016
25241 to 25775 2016-2017

Not all College-owned computers are replaceable through the CR Fund. ITS inventories all College-owned computers, but the CR Fund replaces only a subset of these. Call and inquire whether a particular computer is eligible for Fund replacement—we'll need to know the ID number. Replacements take place throughout the year, in ascending order by ID number: higher numbers will be replaced later in the fiscal year.

What is preferred equipment?

For more information, see Preferred Configurations


We will search our inventory of College-owned computers and identify those that are four years old or older. If your computer is eligible for automatic replacement, you will be contacted via email and directed to the Automatic Replacement Response form listing available options.