Departmental Labs

Academic Departmental Labs

Many of Macalester's academic departments maintain their own computer facilities, and are administered solely by their respective academic departments, not by ITS. For more information on departmental computer labs, please consult the sponsoring department.

List of computer labs managed by individual departments or programs.
Biology Biology General Lab, Olin-Rice 278
Neurology Teaching Lab, Olin-Rice 275
Physiology Teaching Lab, Olin-Rice 273
Geography Cartography Lab, Carnegie 108
Theatre and Dance Computer Design Lab, Theatre 202
Chemistry Chemistry Lab, Olin-Rice 341
Economics Econometrics Lab, Carnegie 309
Geology Geology General Labs, Olin-Rice 188A and 189
MAX Center Kagin Commons, ground level
Mathematics, Statistics, and 
Computer Science
Math/CS Windows Lab, Olin-Rice 258
Linux Lab, Olin-Rice 256
Oracle/Solaris Lab, Olin-Rice 259
Physics and Astronomy Physics & Astronomy Intro Lab, Olin-Rice 152
Modern Physics Lab, Olin-Rice 154
Psychology Psychology Lab, Olin-Rice 354
Music Digital Music Studio, Janet Wallace 210
Media and Cultural Studies Forensics Lab, Theatre 206
Linguistics Linguistics Lab, Neill Hall 226
Art 2-D Print and Design Lab, Art 301
Anthropology Ethnography Lab, Carnegie 04