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Use this form to submit a request for a Library Archives or Rare Books appointment. The Archives and Rare Book collection are located on the Second Level of the DeWitt Wallace Library on the East wall of the building.


Please contact Ellen Holt-Werle ( or at 651-696-6901).

Please Note

  • Appointments for Archives or Rare Books are not available immediately. Your request may take a few regular business days (M-F) to process and set up with a Library staff member. Contact via email is preferred, whenever possible. You will receive an email confirming your request.
  • Information about Archives or Rare Book materials is not always available immediately. We thank you for your patience.
  • Archive materials and the Rare Book collection are available for viewing in the Library only. Some materials may be limited to use only in the Archives.
  • Priority for appointments given to Macalester-affiliated individuals.
  • For transcripts and other student record requests, please contact the Registrar

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