Information Fluency and Course Instruction

Library Research Instruction Sessions

The Library offers a variety of instruction programs to meet faculty, staff and student needs.Don’t overestimate what your students may know about doing scholarly research. Today’s students are used to relying upon Google and Wikipedia for their information. Often they need to be shown how and why to use scholarly indexes and databases to find good research.

"Students should develop the ability to use information and communication resources effectively, be adept at critical, analytical and logical thinking, and express themselves well in oral and written forms."
From Macalester Statement of Purpose and Belief

More About Information Fluency

First Year Course Modules

Designed specifically for first year courses, these sessions start with the basics that students need to conduct scholarly research. Students will learn about the variety of information and technology resources available to them at Macalester.

Academic Integrity Module

The Academic Integrity module is intended to be a five-week program for individual students who are in need of developing an understanding on how to avoid unintentional or intentional plagiarism.

Course-Integrated Modules

These sessions are developed with faculty to meet the specific needs for a particular course. Appropriate for all levels of students, the instruction may vary from the basics to the advanced.

Senior or Advanced Seminar Module

Senior seminar students often need advanced instruction in very specific resources to help them gather all pertinent research and data. This session often involves individual librarian consultation with students on their particular research topic.

Scheduling for Faculty

Scheduling for Staff:

New Staff and Faculty

Library staff will come to your office, or meet with you in the library, to review library resources available to you. This is tailored to your needs, but may include a tour of the library, off-campus access, library databases, RefWorks, and interlibrary loan.